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Searching Bobreski Bobrecki Bobretzky

jimbobreski 1 | -
17 Mar 2010 #1
I am trying to establish where my grandfather was born. He would never talk about his birthplace. The records I have indicate that it was Komianec Belarus. I am there now and there is nothing that supports this. Any one who has any knowledge of these three names spelling is what I have of record. He was born in 1894 and he moved to the USA in 1914. His name is Alexander Bobrecki of record. His mother was named Anastazia Debrowska and his father Futor Bobrecki. Any information would be appreciated.

Jim Bobreski grandson
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
17 Mar 2010 #2
BOBRECKI: root-word bóbr=beaver, probably topo nick from Bobrek; exists in Poland, but Bobreski does not. Bobreski looks to be a typical example of Latin>Cyrillic mistransliteration. Some Russian or Ruthenian seeing Bobrecki mistakenly transliterated it as Бобреский rather than the proper Бобрецкий. When it got re-transliterated back into Latin (perhaps at Ellis Island?) it ended up as Bobreski. Bobretzky might represent an attempt to phonetically render it in English or German.

DĘBROWSKI: toponymic nick from Dąbrów or Dąbrowa (oak grove); variant spelling of Dąbrowski
caprice49 4 | 224
19 Mar 2010 #3

The spelling of this may be KAMIENIEC IN Bielorus. This part was under Polish rule between 1919 & 1939 and so there may be some records available in the National Archives.It's a region with quite a chequered history got taken by the Russians after the third partition of Poland in late 18th century.

Alexander Bobrecki

Have found a Polish mission in Kamieniec Bialorus:

The priest is :
Ks. Jan Wasilewski
The address:-
ul. Podrecznaja 15
22050 Kamieniec

You never know he might help.

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