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Searching For Blaszkowski Relations

Beckyv 1 | -
4 Aug 2010 #1
Hi I am interested in getting to know relations of mine that I have never met before.
My Grandfather Leonard Blaszkowski moved to England from Tuchola Poland after WW2.Sadly he passed away this year aged 83, would have been 84 this November. I know he has two brothers, Marek (alive I believe) and Bronislaw and possibly more, he also had two sisters, one who is still alive and older whos name does not come to mind. I think he grew up on a farm and his mother a barrister (that could be wrong).

If any of this information sounds familiar please reply, thank you.
caprice49 4 | 224
4 Oct 2010 #2
Leonard Blaszkowski

I've sent you an email on this site. Check your inbox here.
31 Jan 2014 #3
I am a granddaughter of eldest brother Bronislaw,
If you wish contact me

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