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Sawicki family

julesdrury 1 | 4    
20 Apr 2011  #1

łHi I am looking to find my maternal family. They are from Wasoszu/Czarnowek, Nieckowo,Elk area.
My grandfather was Josef, Grandmother Helene, plus their Son - Stanislaw and daughter Stainlawa. Stanislaw remained in Poland with his wife and children but the other family moved to the Uk. I have alsorts of photographs, greetings cards, wedding photographs etc but few names and addresses.

I am researching my family with my daughters as I feel it is important for them to understand their family background. Any information would be welcomed. Kindest regards Julie Drury ( born Finney).

Wroclaw 45 | 5,409    
20 Apr 2011  #2

Any information would be welcomed

for the british side of things:

genes reunited


The surname comes up in various searches of the above, but matching a first name is more difficult.
OP julesdrury 1 | 4    
20 Apr 2011  #3

Thanks I'll give it a try.
Wroclaw 45 | 5,409    
20 Apr 2011  #4

from your reply... i guess u are new to genealogy. has a european section so u can also ask questions about Poland there as well.

if u want to find people here in Poland: we need dates, names and location/town.

u could also try jewishgen and familysearch.
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
20 Apr 2011  #5

SAWICKI: topo nick from Sawice which probably named after Sawa’s kids

KOPIJ: from verb kopać (to kick or dig), noun kopa (60 units) or kopija (Old Polish for kopia – a type of spear); or topo nick from Kopijki or similar.
OP julesdrury 1 | 4    
20 Apr 2011  #6

I think i have a lot to learn!!

I have done a lot of reading since the other day. The most recent thing I have date wise is a wedding invitation dated for 21.09.96. It is at Parafia Przemienienia Pańskiego w Wąsoszu – rzymskokatolicka parafia położona w diecezji łomżyńskiej (Dekanat Szczuczyn).

The reception afterwards was at restauracja Szczuczynie.
It is a long shot but did anyone go to this wedding or know why my Grandmother Helene Sawicka may have a copy invitation. Thank you Julie.
Mommer38 - | 1    
9 Dec 2016  #7

I am researching for my sister. Her great grandfather was Charles Sztermer, he married Appolonia Sawicki. Her mother was Alexandria Sawitski . Any connection? Thanks from Alabama

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