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Rygiel, Gnyp, Tomkiewicz Surnames

15 Mar 2006 #1
Am looking for the origination of some of my ancestors. I have tracked them to the mid-1850s in Hlibow, Grzymalow, Galicia. However, I am looking to find where they came from before that.

Possibility from the Sanok area. They were Roman Catholic when in Hlibow.

Anyone have any info?

OP Guest
29 Apr 2006 #2
hello, my name is Ludwika Gnyp,
i live in Poland, in Poznan,
but I come from Piotrkow trybunalski.

there is a history
running in my family
concernnig our surname
in Poland it is very rare

when there was a war between swedish and polish people,
one of the soldiers from the horth- with surname gnyp
got sick
and the others left him in one of the villages near czestochowa
they promised to come back and take him home
but they never did
so he stayed there and married a polish woman

this village is called Gorzedow
it is very close to the place where i come from
i visited a local priest
and saw all those old books
with deaths, marriages, births, etc
i managed to trace back my roots to 1779,
and a man called Roch Gnyp

now i`m going to orded some microfilms form the mormons
to go even earlier
i`m veery excited about it

if you like we can exchange our family trees,
my address is Ludwikagnyp@gmail

please drop me a line!
29 Jan 2007 #3
my dad's name was roman rygiel, his mother was from poland also, her name was salomea fronczak.

anne skowronek
(any skowronek's around?)
lavandul 1 | 3
21 Nov 2007 #4
mu last name is skowronek, but as far as i know, nobody departed to USA during wars. i only know my aunt Monika Nowak, from Chicago, that lives there and works there for few years.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Jun 2010 #5
RYGIEL: door blot, from German Riegel
GNYP: Polish version of German Knipp (craftsman using knife and pincers)
TOMKIEWICZ: patronymic nick = son of Tomek
ibaranski - | 1
3 Jun 2010 #6

I am writing regarding the name Anna Tomkiewicz. Stan Kilar / Kelar wrote to me and Anna is his great-grandmother. He is from Toronto, Canada. My data indicates that Anna was born in Posada Gorne. This is in the area of Sanok. Anna was married to a Jacob Kilar and had 8 children

If you think that Stan's g-grandmother, Tomkiewicz, or her siblings may be connected to the Tomkiewicz that you are searching for I would be very happy to contact him and you could arrange to write to him.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Jun 2010 #7
KILAR or KIELAR: Polish adpatation of German word Keller (cellar).
CSSCdad2009 - | 1
20 Mar 2011 #8
My Name is Stephen Rygiel. Im researching my family history. Ive been told my Great Grandfather Karl Rygiel was the first from my family to come from Poland. He was Born in aprox 1886.

Any help would be great.
mary pate
28 Jun 2011 #9
Do you know where your grandfather was from? What area? My great-grandmother was Julianna Rygiel. She was born around 1850. I have her parent's names but do not have their birthdates or places where they lived before the date Julianna was born. It was in a village called Hlibow, in eastern Galicia. They were Austrians by nationality, Polish by ethnicity and Roman Catholic.

If any of the above might fit in with your people, I can give you dates and places and you can give me what you know.

17 Oct 2014 #10
I am interested in finding my heritage in Poland. My paternal grandfather Stanislaw Tomkiewicz (arrived in US 1980s from Galacia; settled in Massachusetts), and maternal grandfather, Michael Lagus (pronounced Wagus in Polish) (arrived in US 1980s from Austria, settled in Bayonne, NJ). If anyone can advise me who to contact to trace my roots back in Poland, I would appreciate it. Since I don't speak Polish or can travel there I would like to contact someone by phone or internet from the US. Thanks for your assistance.

Adrienne Tomkins (Tomkiewicz)
Mary Pate
16 Jan 2015 #11
My great-great-grandmother was Apolonia Tomkiewicz, born about 1813. She was married to my gg-grfather, Andreas Rygiel. They lived around Hlibow in eastern Galicia. There are LDS films for Greek Catholics in a Hlibow GC Parish. The Roman Catholic parish for Hlibow Roman Catholics would be in Grzymalow (Skalat), southeast of Ternopil. LDS Roman Catholic birth, marriage and death rcds would be in listed under Grzymalow.

I have not been able to trace Apolonia back. Can't find her parents. Think maybe she and Andreas moved there but don't know where from. However, at least, I do have a Tomkiewicz and she lived in Hlibow. It was under the Austrian Empire at the time--Austrian nationals and Polish or Ukrainian by ethnicity. There are LDS Grzymalow rcds up to 1945, I know. Since Stanislaw came here late, you may possibly find a connection and trace that line of your family further back. Good luck, Mary
23 Apr 2015 #12
I have granparents, i dont know alot. My grandmas name was Ludwika Gnyp, and my Granfather was Stanley Gnyp. I know they met during the war. And they came to the United States on boats.

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