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Rybinski surname; Seeking my Polish father 26 years later - from New Zealand

15 Jul 2015 #1
i was born in New Zeland and still reside here, i wish help to find my Polish father, two older brothers and extended family, or whomever within those will have a dialogue with me. my Polish surname is Rybinski and i was born in 1989, my father was an engineer on a ship and stationed here in New Zealand at the time, i have a sister's address in Warsaw, where his ship left from, his first name and some other scarce information if anyone would be able to help. thanking you.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #2
Hi! Since you have your sister's address in Warsaw, why can't you contact her? Of course, she could ignore your message but also she could welcome it so do get in touch with her!

Also, on your birth certificate, you have your father's name, so way to find him to.

Good luck!
OP newzealandgirl
15 Jul 2015 #3
thank you for your quick reply :), unfortunately my father left the country before i was born so is not on my birth certificate. i contacted his sister once when i was younger, she said she would send information and pictures in her reply, but never did, and if it is that he wants nothing to do with me, i would like to at least know he knew about me before i gave up, i can understand completely if he wants no contact, but in the event that one of my brothers would like to have perhaps a friendship with me, i am motivated to try and find his address so he can tell me that himself, before it's too late, and i miss that opportunity...

sorry it's a strange situation, just hoping for some advice :)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #4
Very sad situation but unfortunately it happens ....

Maybe you can give his name and suitable info (date of birth (or age), place of birth, where he is from, names of releatives...) in this forum and maybe someone can give you tips.... You know, people do it so don't be shy.

(my late husband had kind of similar situation with his half sister in Calgary (Canada) who always refused any contact and who even returned all his letters unopened).

I wish you to succeed!

PS: What about contacting Polish consulate? Maybe they could find him. In the case, they would tell him about you but of course could not force him to meet with you, it would be up to him...
OP newzealandgirl
15 Jul 2015 #5
Thank you so much for being helpful :). As long as he gets the chance to make that choice I'll be happy, and I feel have a closure if nothing else. I will see about contacting the consulate, I hadn't thought of that, I think it's a very good idea!

If that doesn't pan out I will probably post here, I have a picture of him and saw one of my brothers very recently, and I look like them, which is very strange to me, not having any siblings here in NZ, but it made me wonder what I could do, when I was younger there was no internet and even translating letters was very hard and or expensive last time I looked into it seriously.

Thank you very much :) I will report back, and post more details in the forum if need be. I wish you the best as well :).
Polsyr 6 | 769
15 Jul 2015 #6
I live in Warsaw and I have family in Auckland. Feel free to sign up for the forum and contact me via private messages. I would like to know more about your situation.
Kiwigirl - | 1
15 Jul 2015 #7
"Sorry! You must post at least 2 useful forum messages to be able to use the private mail."

helpful :p i will pm you when i fix that lol.
Polsyr 6 | 769
15 Jul 2015 #8
I wrote to you. I believe you can reply.

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