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Researching 19th century ancestors in Dylagowka and Hyzne, Rzeszow

Kirby Kyle 1 | -
9 Sep 2019 #1
A month ago I discovered the archives available at containing parish records for the towns of Hyzne, Dylagowka, and Grzegorzowka in the Rzezsow district between roughly 1785-1905. My great-grandparents were born in Hyzne and Dylagowka, and thanks to the archives I have been able to extend their pedigrees three or four generations back into the late 1790s. The records are scanned but not indexed, so I've put in considerable time poring over the handwriting.

First, if anyone is researching the same area, I can provide some information on the following surnames: Bator, Tadla, Haldys, Bujak, Walas, Slemp/Slep/Szlep, Jeziorski, Krezel, Pasciak, Trzyna, Majchrowski, Marszalek, Dziak, Wrobel.

Second, I do not speak Polish and would like some help with a few surnames. When names are handwritten, I often cannot tell if a letter is supposed to be a "t" or a "ł", the Polish letter crossed by a kreska. I would like to know which version of the following names is more likely to be correct, since I use the anglicized versions to search US records:

Bukata or Bukała?
Patac or Pałac?
Stupak or Słupak?

kaprys 3 | 2,242
10 Sep 2019 #2
I'd have to have a look but

These are just guesses. I was sometimes really surprised by my ancestors' surnames.

Here's a link to the handwritten Polish alphabet. Look at the position of kreska in the and ł.

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