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From which region can this Polish guy come from

16 Feb 2019 #1
He's tall, very tall, blond, short hair, blue eyes like the sky, cold like the ice. His expression is always cold, serious and he doesn't talk that much, but when you ask him help he comes right away. He smiles rarely, but when he does he's really tender and sweet and turns red. He walks weirdly (like a cocky walk) and has this nasal voice and tendency to joke with the person he talks to. His Suriname ends with -ak and not ski. He looks so different from the other ones, his face is so gorgeous and perfect. Where can he come from? I thought maybe close to the border with the baltic regions but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
pawian 170 | 11,515
16 Feb 2019 #2
My idea would be to approach and ask him a direct question. That would save you a lot of painful guessing. Besides, you would let him know you are interested.
24 Feb 2019 #3
poles all look alike
pawian 170 | 11,515
24 Feb 2019 #4
I suppose I got it: he must be Hucuł. Yes, Hucuł. There are not many left in Poland.

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