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Pultenewicz - tracing ancestors with limited information

4 Dec 2014 #1
Hi. I have finally discovered after years of searching in UK archives that my great-grandparents came to the UK from Poland in 1908. There are no records here to show where they came from so I am hoping to trace them otherwise. Can anybody offer me any ideas as to where to start within the Polish system? I speak no polish.

Their names were Joseph Pultenewicz and his wife Magdalene (nee Slutskuo or Slutskis). They travelled here with Elisabeth Norkutic. Any help would be very much appreciated.

CORRECTION - his name was JOHN Pultenewicz
Polonius3 984 | 12,335
5 Dec 2014 #2
PULTENEWICZ, PULTYNOWICZ: from pultyn (chubby child); the -wicz ending shows this to be a patronymic nick meaning the chubby kid's (bloke's) son.

S£UCKI: toponymic from the town of SÅ‚uck, now under Belarusian administration.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
5 Dec 2014 #3
my great-grandparents came to the UK from Poland in 1908

They weren't. Poland didn't exist at that time.

Do you know in which port they arrived when they emigrated to the UK? Try to find an archive with ship manifests and search their data. If you're lucky, you will find an entry which you can then trace back to the port of departure, which - I'm pretty sure - will be in Germany (either Bremen or Hamburg). There are several emigration museums in Germany which might hold the genealogical data you are looking for.

Usually, you will find the last residence and the age of the passenger, as well as the names of the family members accompanying him/her on the manifest. Once you know the names, follow the link to the last known residence, and then check the LDS database for the relevant church books.

Looks as if your ancestors anglicized their family name a little. You might want to check different spellings.
OP stevecollinson
10 Dec 2014 #4
Thank you very much for this information.
The family story is that they arrived into the port of Hull in the UK, but I cannot find where these passenger lists are kept, despite many searches. The records from the port of Bremen that you kindly sent suggest that nearly all departures from there went to the Americas. Do you know if these vessels stopped off in the UK?

I guess I need to find out from which Baltic ports ships departed for the UK during 1907/1908.
Thank you again

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