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Prussian town/ village named for a General (Czischki?)

20 Jul 2015 #1
Im looking for a Prussian town with Czischki plus 5 more letters mixed in. It was the original spelling of an ancestor that was a Prussian War General that had a village named after him. If anyone can look into this, once I find the name I can finally finish an ancestry project. Thank you in advance.
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20 Jul 2015 #2
Not much data.. and what you mean

5 more letters mixed in

? What letters? A town in Prussia - more details where? Which Prussian war General? No similar name you mentioned in the list of Prussian Generals (may not be complete though)
OP Crystal52
20 Jul 2015 #3
Its a puzzle to me Czischki is what the name is now in the USA but back in Prussia it was a longer name with 5 additional letters, the people that knew the spelling are now dead and the 5 letters are 5 other letters unknown letters in the name. Im looking for a word that contains Czischki somehow inside with with maybe a different starting letter or some additional letters on the inside. I know the chki is the last part. It could possibly be SKI.

I have looked through maps searching for a 13 or so letter village or town that contains Czischki somewhere within it. I have an account with ancestry but it is at a roadblock at the point where the family came to America, I need to find the possible spelling before continuing my search.

What I am asking is if anyone studying a map or prussia, even the smallest of settled villages, if they see a 13 lettered location that has some form of Czischki mixed in.

Think of a game where you have a word and have to find other words within it, that is what this search as become for me. Example word Catastrophe and words within are Cat, astro, trophy, data, etc if you now see what I have to do to find the spelling. I have been at this for over a year with no leads, that is why I have come here.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
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20 Jul 2015 #4

This combination of letters indicates rather a Polish name spelling than Prussian - Polish spelling for it is 'ciszki' and multiple variations, quite common sequence in Polish words. Much of towns names here probably contains such letters - couple of examples:

Cieszki, Cieszków, Cieszkowice, Ciszkowo, Cieszkowo, Ciszkowice, Czyżkówko, Czyszki, Czyszkówek, Czyżkówko, Franciszków and so on...
OP Crystal52
20 Jul 2015 #5
I was just informed of one other detail that could help, The town was somewhere near the baltic sea.
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20 Jul 2015 #6
It is still great area to explore:

OP Crystal52
21 Jul 2015 #7
Ive studied the maps of wikipedia and all but that unfortunately answered nothing, here my corner of the USA we are told to utilize Wikipedia as a guidepoint only and not take the information as 100% fact due to the fact it is open to change by random people and we have actually seen individuals vandelize pages to include false information. I have had to study more to fact the Prussian maps at my library which is considered one of the best in the state but have not found anything remotely close when searching borders, now knowing it was a village on the Baltic coast, I still do not see any names that seem to fit.

Thanks for the help though, Im running the example names with my mother to see if any ring a bell, she saw the documents years ago and can not remember where or what. But this at least can give us some leads to investigate.

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