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Professional genealogist to investigate my Polish connections?

ErikB 1 | 4    
2 Jun 2012  #1

Hi, I have polish connections, and Im wondering if somebody is interested to investigate this, anybody professional genealogist??

Also, can you tell me of a Polish genealogist who can help research the archives of St. Adalberts church in Krakow. One who would find my relatives and accept American Dollars and who speaks English.

Wroclaw 45 | 5,409    
2 Jun 2012  #2

and Im wondering if somebody is intesrested to investigate this,

Why don't you do it or at least start it off. there is plenty of free help out there/on the net.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
2 Jun 2012  #3

go to they have researchers , I just had some research done for myself and its all legit and very wonderful

you should look up professional genealogists.. let me find a link.

Here is the link to genealogists who specialize in searching in Poland for
records . and elsewhere :)
OP ErikB 1 | 4    
2 Jun 2012  #4

Why I dont do it my self, well to start I dont speak polish :(
thanks for the tip Patrycja19
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
2 Jun 2012  #5

how much research have you done in your area ? how much information do you have because this is something required
to know is maybe a date of birth for the ancestor you are looking for and a idea of which town?
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
3 Jun 2012  #6

Check out:
mrozenbe - | 12    
3 Jun 2012  #7

Polish amateur genealogists sometimes can offer a free help.
Try write what do you need at

markskibniewski 3 | 200    
5 Jun 2012  #8

I have personelly used polish and was very pleased. He will access before charging you and discuss your options and is reasonable.
magscanner - | 3    
7 Sep 2015  #9

Merged: Looking for a genealogist in Białystok, Poland

My family came from the village of Lipina, near Sokółka, north of Białystok. Marriage and birth records are in the Roman Catholic diocesan archives in Białstok, and I've received some certificates with information from them. What I really need is to find someone who can visit the archives and read the records (many in Russian) and write to me via email -- preferably in English, but google and I can probably figure out the Polish. Anyone have suggestions? Of course, I expect to pay for this work.

It's a bonus if this person can meet me in Białystok when I'm there in October, and help me find and talk to people. I would pay for this help, also.

Extra good would be to find living relatives, as we don't know of any. Kaczkieła is an uncommon name, so that should help.
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
8 Sep 2015  #10

via email

What is your email address?
9 Dec 2016  #11

Looking for someone to do research in Suwalk county.

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