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Any Poznańscy out there? Check out my family tree! :)

lukaszpoznanski 10 | 39
19 Feb 2010 #1
I started working on my family tree a couple years ago; it's been a hugely satisfying and interesting project for me. I'm just wondering - are there any other Poznańscy on this forum? Maybe we're related. :)

I came up with a simple but effective design for my online family tree, utilizing Adobe Acrobat. You can check it out here: (just click the graphic to enter).

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!
ENelson - | 2
3 Oct 2011 #2
My father's family is from Poznan, Powiat, Konin. His name is Sabacinski. Do you have any relatives by this name? The link you gave is unavailable.

3 Oct 2011 #3
Are you related with those Poznańscy from £ódź? (check Izrael Poznański)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 Oct 2011 #4
Poznański -- Sabaciński

POZNAŃSKI: This is obviously a toponymic tag for someone from Poznań. Although not exclsuively,it was often used by Poles of Jewish bakground. At times the German/Yiddish version Posener or Posner was used. In some cases they were interchangebale and reflected the shifting tides of history.

SABACIŃSKI: The root-word here appears to be sabat (Sabbath) which in Polish has also assumed the form of sabas, szabat, and szabas. It could have originated to identify someone assocated with the Sabbath, possibly a gentile Pole who in exchange for a few groschen stoked the fire, lit candles and performed minor household tasks on the Sabbath when Jews were not permittted to do anything menial. Even writing was prohibited.
11 May 2016 #5
Hello I am searching for any relatives of my grandparents who were born, I think, in Poznan. Their names were Walter Gutowski, Bernice Zagorsku, and Michael Sabacinski and Frances Szamiak. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I will be visiting Poland from the USA in September. Liz

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