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Is it possible there is a Slavic soul trapped in my body?

SoulOfSlav 1 | 1
23 Sep 2016 #1
DzieƄ dobry!

OK, I was born as a Chinese, but I don't know why I never felt having similar mindset as my fellow Chinese even we speak same language. So I left China after graduation, thinking I would be more comfortable living in a society out of China. I have been living in many countries since then. I also love travelling and travelled over hundred countries. At beginning, it was driven by curiosity, but after years, it become discovery and soul searching, to see the world beyond media propaganda and public prejudice, to find a place I'm most happy with. I first visited Ukraine just after Euromaidan, then I felt in love with the people and culture, then I had more and more trips to Poland, Russia, Serbia and almost all of Slavic countries. Despite of political, religious and economic differences among them, I found a very special thing I most love about them, that is Slavic soul. I found it's very pleasure to talk with people, enjoy the culture despite of language barrier and I'm so surprised their mindset just exactly like me. I often feel there is a Slavic soul trapped in my body. Having been living in Anglo countries for many years, I always have good jobs and income, but I felt it's soul killing and don't really enjoy the society. Now I plan to move to Poland, learn the language so I can explore this soul more deeply.
24 Sep 2016 #2
I think its the fact Slavic cultures feel "normal" and pristine in comparison to all the other major cultures out there.
OP SoulOfSlav 1 | 1
24 Sep 2016 #3
Yes I agree. That's what I love about Slavic soul, its resilience. Despite of turmoils and disasters, they never lose their soul. Actually there are a lot of good cultures out there. But during last decade or so, the world changed a lot, in my opinion, not for better but worse. I personally witnessed a lot of good cultures disappeared or were destroyed. I'm so glad I discovered Slavic world, their values and cultures still hold strong.
25 Sep 2016 #4
I often feel there is a Slavic soul trapped in my body.

It may be. Such things happen. Even in that you are in a good slavic tradition of soul searching. Sorry that so many Poles lost their souls nowadays and try to be Wersteners against their souls, so you may feel now uncomfortabel with you slavic soul being among some Poles.
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
25 Sep 2016 #5
Thought for years that there was a Teutonic soul trapped in my body (only much later to discover it was only indigestionLOL)

The Russian melos is far different from the Polish "dusza", even though both use essentially the same word! Motto: not all Slavic souls are one, any more than one can generalize about the "Germanic" soul either for that matter:-) Danes, Germans, Swedes, and Dutch are considered "Germanic", yet are almost as different as Poles from Russians are from Czechs and Bulgarians!
Crow 157 | 10,829
25 Sep 2016 #6
i for example had my germanized phases. It was twisted feeling. Something like, maybe can imagine how it looks like when caterpillar turning into butterfly. See, its similar feeling, just in reverse. Its more like butterfly turning into caterpillar. But i enjoyed those phases. Had twisted sense that i have bigger penis. Then, suddenly it was over and i was again simple Slav (ie simple Sarmatian). Only feeling that left after that is great sense of emptiness. i asked myself, by the Christ and by the Svetovid, am i sick
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
27 Sep 2016 #7
You've become a Slavic Schmetterling-RaupeLOL

(Nonsense German, but the two words individually mean "butterfly" and "caterpillar".) Where after all does a butterfly come from?
Crow 157 | 10,829
28 Sep 2016 #8
from where? Well, from a dark place ;)

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