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Polska - Czahoroski

10 Jan 2012 #1
does anyone know how to contact a person/people in poland. i am trying to find my relatives in poland. Our last name is Czahoroski. i knew there were some that visited the usa and was trying to contact my family, by the time i read the message, they had already left america. if you have any information, please contact me. my email is thanks
10 Jan 2012 #2
Well you can always try on facebook, but your last name is changed do eng version and in Poland it probably is Czachorowski ( male ) Czachorowska ( female ). All you need now is name. It woulb be much easier if you knew location ( not specific but south, north etc ) so you can discount the rest of em. At the end there is the most easiest part:

Send a private message with question ? I hope it was helpful
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
10 Jan 2012 #3
CZACHOROWSKI: topo nick from Czachory or Czachorów; root-word probably now obsolete czahar/czahor (dwarf tree, scrub vegetation, mixed thicket).
Cassxox - | 2
2 Mar 2013 #4
Merged: Czahoroski - English version?

Could someone please help me translate czahoroski from the englizh version to polish? I am trying to find my relatives that still live in poland but I dont even know where to start there were some of my relatives who visited America and wanted to make contact with my family but by the time i saw it they were already back in poland. Thanks if anyone can help
Wulkan - | 3,243
2 Mar 2013 #5
if "Czahorski" is an English version then tell me how do you pronounce "cz" in English?
1jola 14 | 1,879
2 Mar 2013 #6
Most likely Czachorowski.

I am trying to find my relatives
Cassxox - | 2
3 Mar 2013 #7
Its pronounced as ""ch"-her-awe-skee and thankyou so very much for replying ti my post i really appreciate it. I remember someone gave me that name before but i did some research and it didnt match up with the people. Thankyouso much, maybe it cant be translated its very confusing to me since i dont kno much about the subject
1jola 14 | 1,879
3 Mar 2013 #8
Ok, another possibility can be Czachorski. There are only 13 people with that name. We have two "h" sounds: 'CH' and 'H'. They both sound the same. The 'H' is nearly impossible, and was probably anglosized to retain the sound in English. Funny that 'CZ' was not changed to 'CH' which is the sound that would sound true to the original. It would have been Chahoroski. That would sound in English just like the original. This name, however, seems not to exist. Czachorowski or Czachorski is where I see the possibilities.
polonius 54 | 420
4 Mar 2013 #9
CZACHOROWSKI: root-word czachor - scrub or stunted trees of the kind found growing in ravines or very poor soil. Probably a nickname of toponymic orign used to identify someone from the village od Czachory or Czachorowo.

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