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Are Poles mixed with Mongols, Turks, and Tatars?

weaverwarrior12 6 | 3
12 Aug 2013 #1
I know of these cultures that somewhat mixed with the Polish but what is the chance that I could be part Turk,Tatar,etc?
I am of Polish ancestry and I am proud of it but I was wondering if I could be mixed with anything else, it interests me.
archiwum 13 | 125
12 Aug 2013 #2

In my past thread, I give email addresses for Tatar. Ask about surnames.
Wulkan - | 3,243
13 Aug 2013 #3
I know of these cultures that somewhat mixed with the Polish but what is the chance that I could be part Turk,Tatar,etc?

There is bigger chance that you could be part German, Russian or even Swedish concidering foreign admixture in the Polish gene pool.
Astoria - | 155
13 Aug 2013 #4
Contrary to popular myths, recent genetic studies show that Poles as well as Russians have no significant Mongolian or Turkic admixture:
Jiyan - | 1
29 Dec 2013 #5
Merged: Are Polish Come From Mongols?

I just wonder
Crow 160 | 9,212
30 Dec 2013 #6
Are Polish Come From Mongols?

no, they didn`t come from Mongols. They come from Sarmatians (ie Proto Slavs or simple- old Slavs)

I just wonder

i hope that i helped you
INSPE - | 29
30 Dec 2013 #7
And what about Greeks, Bulgarians and Serbs, do they have Turkish admixture ?
Crow , you are so competent in such questions ...
Crow 160 | 9,212
30 Dec 2013 #8
come to EXIT music fast to see Serbs. Serbians are typical Central European Slavic population with the addition of those unique primordial European (Proto Slavic) dinarid genes in them, that in average, makes them most robust Europeans and most probable, most handsome.

As for Bulgarians, well, they were influenced, but you would be surprised, more by the Persians in their time then later by the Turks. Still, they feel predominantly Slavic- being under the strong influence of Serbians. Greeks, well, they were on the South influenced by the Semitics (Egyptians and early Romans). On the North of Greece, they are more Slavic looking- again thanks to the Serbian influence.
31 Jan 2014 #9
i am from turkey we are turkifizied anatolians . Ottoman is descend of trojan king name turcus. Ottoman is islamic roman,byzantine,persian mixed anatolian empire. Mongol invasion change our dna too i have brownish blonde hair i have fair skin how can i would be mongol ? lol mongol invasion changed every people dna.
Wulkan - | 3,243
31 Jan 2014 #10
It definitely changed your but don't talk about others
31 Jan 2014 #11
Rarely. My ancestry is Armenian (turk) although I am Polish. My surname is Bernatowicz, I doubt you have turk or mongolid ancestry aswell.
TaiCat 1 | 30
1 Feb 2014 #12
My great-grandfather's surname was Nogaj (Nogay), it either comes from Noga (Foot) or, in my opinion, more likely from the name of Nogay Horde.

I guess so because my grandma and her sister look bit asian...
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
1 Feb 2014 #13
Most of Eastern Europe and some of Russia are mixed with Mongols. Poles and Russians are mostly Slavic.
McDouche 6 | 285
2 Feb 2014 #14
You can say central and eastern Poland is Slavic while western (and especially northwestern) Poland has heavy Germanic/Celtic admixture.
2 Feb 2014 #15
I think Tatars are more Slavic than Slavs are Tatars. Most of the time you can never tell until you learn their name. When Tatars harvested the steppe they rarely brought women, so they often took wives from their slaves.
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
2 Feb 2014 #16
That's because you might have one Tatar great great great great great great grandma and several Slavic grandparents through the generation. It waters down the Tatar genes and fills your DNA with Slavic.
30 Aug 2014 #17
I do not believe that poles are heavily mixed with these Asiatic groups in a significant degree but I do believe that a west Asian and Mongolian admixture do exist to a smaller degree. I believe that claims that we polish acquired mongol blood due to the mongol invasions in the 12th hundreds is exaggerated. Asian contribution to the polish genes was present but small during this period. Most of the Asiatic steppe blood that has contributed to the polish gene comes from the period of the polish Lithuanian common wealth, when lipka Tatars were invited into polish territory. Thus I believe that pure mongol mixture is rare in poland, while Turkic central asian mixture is more common. Mongolian admixture thus is most likely passed on in small amounts to poles by indirect sources. For example, poles from ukraine moving west into poland proper due to the partitions could carry mixture and pass it on to poles in current day poland. The important thing to note is that while to a degree central Asians contributed to the polish genome, Poland is primarily Slavic and should only be considered Slavic.

One theory of mine is that the early Slavs that lived in the forest steppe zones of Belarus Ukraine and western russia could have mixed with nomadic people of the steppes to some degree. The mixture would include indoiranic sarmations and Turkic and even altiac or ungric Finnic peoples. When the Slavs settled to the west and south, this mixture faded away because it occurred far to the past. This may explain why some poles and Slavs in general look a bit Eurasian even if their markings show little or no asian markings.
gregy741 5 | 1,250
30 Aug 2014 #18
It waters down the Tatar genes and fills your DNA with Slavic

you are an idiot sir...when was Poland ever occupated by mongols? only 1 invasion few month short in 13 century,mostly mongol army attack of Poland by small detachment of mongol army in order to block Poland support for Hungary where major mongol army invaded.

and tatars are not just ignorant..and even tatars have only few times penetrated Poland but only to grab some they suppose to leave any serious genetic mark in Polish population?
21 Jan 2016 #19
Southern Poland was attacked by the Mongols three times. Look it up in Wikipedia.

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