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Poland Virtuti Militari Information

Kent 4 | 6    
12 Jul 2008  #1

I have found several relatives listed on this database. The information provided is VERY limited. Does anyone know how to find additional information about people listed on this database?

Thank You in advance.

rybnik 18 | 1,469    
20 Jan 2011  #2

Merged: Polish war hero and the Virtuti Militari

My father was awarded the Virtuti Militari for heroic service in world war 2. He never told us what he did to deserve it. How would I find out?
Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
20 Jan 2011  #3

Attention Mods: I provided a link to this query. Was it zapped out or what?

Nothing was deleted from here, please try again.

You might try:
They may have the info you need or at least should be able to point you in the right direction.

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