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Village VISOVA? (Wysowa) and Sadoles in Poland

nelesko 1 | 1
15 Jan 2011 #1
Hi, i am from Serbia.

Do you now where is village Visova in POLAND?

"The first Russins came from the area of GORLICE and GRYBOW, from the villages of Belyanka, Losye, Stavisha, Brunari, Klemkovka, Snetitsya, Domnitsya, VISOVA, Peregrimka and others. These villages are located on the northern slopes and foothills of the Carpathian Mountains between the East and West Beskids. At present, this area is located in POLAND.
Borrka 37 | 594
15 Jan 2011 #2ój
OP nelesko 1 | 1
15 Jan 2011 #3
Thakk you very much!!!! I have uploaded image. It is Wysowa!!!

5 Apr 2013 #4
Merged: town/village of "Sadolis"

This is the name of the town my great-grandmother listed as her birth place in Poland when she immigrated to Canada. I am unable to find anything close to this. The page it is written on is difficult to read. Is there such a town? Or was there?

I would greatly appreciate any help. Our family is having a reunion this summer and I am trying to gather as much information as I can find.

Thank you
RJ_cdn - | 267
5 Apr 2013 #5
town/village of "Sadolis"

Most likely it is Sadoleś located in Masovian Voivodeship

5 Apr 2013 #6
Thank you so very much for your quick response. How exciting. I truly appreciate your help.

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