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The village of Surazkowo in Poland (Chomczyk, Czaban, Sawicki)

archiwum 13 | 125    
27 Dec 2011  #1

Dear Sir or Madam, I have a few questions about the village Surazkowo.

1. Does the polish state have a list of residents? A genealogist I payed said no.

2. My great grandfather's grandfather, came to the village in the early 19th century. They recieved 32 hektars each
from the russian officials.

3. Was there a family Chomczyk, Czaban, Sawicki?

4. My great grandfather was Aleksander Chomczyk, his wife was Maria Causin. He was born 9.26.1893.
Could Maria have a different surname?

teresa55 - | 46    
28 Dec 2011  #2

You can to wriite to Archives in Bialystok.
After 100 years all documents ( from USC- Polish Registry ) are in archives.
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
11 Feb 2012  #3

Merged: Surazkowo

Can anybody tell me if there is a Chomczyk family in the village of Surazkowo.

My great grandfather was Aleksander Chomczyk.

I'm trying to find out what his mother's maiden name was.
Wroclaw 45 | 5,407    
11 Feb 2012  #4 may have the answer.

Rob, you only need to ask once , someone will help you as much as they possibly can.

here is some information from (link provided)

if your just starting to do research, you must first try to get as much family information as possible or you will
be searching blindly.

ask for old documents that show town names, where they lived locally, church records, old pictures etc.
gather as much as you can so you can identify all records in your searches as there will be duplicate's with same
surname and if you dont have correct ages and correct information, you will end up with the wrong documentation.

just some helpful hints :)

good luck.
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
11 Feb 2012  #5

Merged: Surazkowo II

I went on, and was able to find a Chomczyk family.

As for being my family. I don't know.

My great grandfather was born in 1893. His father was Michal Chomczyk.

[Moved from]: Village Of Surazkowo

Who founded the village of Surazkowo? Again, When polonius said: Polish, (Ruthenian)Belarussian,
Lithuanian, Jewish, and even Tatar have intermingled. I understand the word intermingled, but I
would like a little more information.

, Rob
Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
18 May 2012  #6

It is a known fact that the NE area of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth covering today's Podlasie region and adjoining areas of Belarus and Lithuania was an area of different forms of interaction between ethnic Poles, Ruthenians, Lithuanians, Jews, Tartars, Latvians, Karaims, Muscovites and others. There were economic ties, mutual cultural and linguistic influences, some degree of religious conversions (mainly Jews and Ruthenians converting to Catholicism) and some intermarriage. Books could be written on the subject so for details I suggest you hunt about on the web.
boletus 30 | 1,367    
18 May 2012  #7

Rather than searching for history of Surażkowo, gmina (municipality) of Supraśl, which is a village of no major significance (although picturesquely located in Knyszyn Primeval Forest), search for the history of the town of Supraśl (17 km away). See for example: (very little in English Wikipedia), (a lot in Polish Wikipedia). Supraśl was established in 1501 by Aleksander Chodkiewicz, who was given the rights and privileges of Wojewoda (Palatinus) of Supraśl by two Kings of Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth: Aleksander Jagiellończyk (Alexander Jagiellon) in 1504 and Zygmunt I Stary (Sigismund I the Old) in 1509.

Aleksander Chodkiewicz: Koniuszy Dworski (Praefectus stabuli) of Great Lithuanian Duke since 1502, Marszałek hospodarski (Mareschalcus, Marshall of the Great Duke) (1506-1509) and (1511-1547), Starosta (Capitaneus) of Puńsk, Brześć and Knyszyn, Wojewoda (Palatinus) of Nowogródek (since 1544), holder of Wilki (Vilkija, now Lithuania) and Ostryna (now Belarus).

He established the Supraśl line of Chodkiewicz family.
chomolsky - | 1    
12 Nov 2012  #8


My grandfather Chomczyk also came from Surazkow. I've been there few times. What kind of information are you looking for? Maybe I will help you? Please contact in private message.
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
13 Nov 2012  #9


When I go to the website:, I find Chomczyk listed in Kuliaszne, SE Poland. Boards:Michaliszyn (Cadastral Records).

Gus: There is no list of residents for the village.Polish State.

Great Grandson Of Alex Chomczyk

Back tracking I found out that Chomczyk is Eastern Polish. Eastern Polish means that it's Polish from Russia.

Maria Causin could be Maria Koscian?
jon357 69 | 13,499    
21 Oct 2015  #10

. Eastern Polish means that it's Polish from Russia.

Not necessarily Archiwum, the Austro-Hungarian zabór went quite a way east, including a lot of the Lemko territory. Supraśl however was in the Russian zabór however it is a long way from the Lemko heartland.
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
21 Oct 2015  #11

Could you give me the definition for Zabor? When Poland was divided three ways between Austro-Hungary, Prussia/Germany and Russia, the term refers to the three parts. The three zabory.

Chomczyk-Means son of Thomas.

Merged: Surname Czaban

What is the background of this surname. I have heard that it's origin comes from the Wallachian language
but I'm not sure. Any information is helpful.Thanks.
Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
9 Nov 2015  #12


CZABAN or CABAN: encountered in various foms across southern Poland, Urkaine and Wallachia. Several meanings: a large ram or sheep; a Turkish shepherd; a market vendor; clumsy oaf or fool (village idiot).
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
23 Jan 2016  #13

Irene's father I think is Jozef. Alex's little brother.

Alex's Parents: Marie&Michal.
Siblings: Michal, Jozef, Konstanty, and Alexandra.
When it's Jozef with a J, then it would be Christian. With a Y, it would be Jewish, or Turkish or Tatar.
It's with a J.
Alex's family originally came from Sicily maybe?
Aunt Louise might be Bruce's daughter or sister?
Other Spellings: Dubcek

Correction: Aunt Louis. Or a Aunt Louis might be from Alex and Alma.

What is chronologically European?
A guess: Nordic,Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Gael, Celtic, Slavic, Basque, Magyar, Lombardi-Gad, Albannic, Cornish, and ethnic Georgian.
Greek Also!

Ora-great grandmother
Bernice G.-2nd great grandmother

Dave my father died January 2nd 2001 from an infection that blew out his liver and kidneys at Galveston Hospital
in Galveston Texas.

My father was born August 16, 1950 in Seattle, WA.

Me: I was born in 1971.

Bernice G. does not have Ezell and was Episcopalian. My parents got married in 1970 before a judge.They were 20 and 18. Helen H. is my mother and the rest is what I said before.

Lemko's are Greek

Beatrice was my 2nd great grandmother.I think Susan G. was her mother?

Dave-was a copier&fax salesman. He had awards from all the manufacturers for being one of the highest producing
salesman in the country.

Alex-was a civilian barber on base.He later got his own money together and opened his own barber shop.

Web-was a bouncer in a night club and in the navy during the 2nd world war on a U-boat in the south-pacific.Came home after the war

and became a police officer, went up through the ranks and retired in 1975 from the police department as a detective.Later he became
a Real Estate agent.My father's father.

-All biological here for the whole posting

Dave H. was in the Coast Guard for 20 years.My mother's father.

-All Biological

Charles-was a prince there in Sweden? In America he worked for Weyerhauser in the mill. I don't no the occupation.

Charles was my 2nd great grandfather.

His son Henry my 1st great grandfather was an attorney here in Seattle, WA. Henry's father was Charles.

MC- was a judge in Portland, Oregon? MC was Henry's father inlaw.

MC- was my 2nd great grandfather. Ora's father.

My great grandmother Dorothea was a Midwife in Germany. She was also in the Red Cross during WWI in the Balkans.

She married my great grandfather Walter in 1929 in Germany, Later immigrated with my grandfather through the Red Cross in Norway.

Walter's cousin in Germany introduced Dorothea. Ernst's wife was Dorothea's sister.

Walter was born in Seattle of German parents. Dorothea was German from Saarbrucken,Saarland,Germany.

Go to to find out information about the village Kulaszne in SE, Poland.

Back Tracking a little bit, so Dubcek would be christian, maybe Roman Catholic.
DominicB - | 2,602    
28 Sep 2016  #14

Dubcek would be christian, maybe Roman Catholic.

Dubček is a Slovakian name, not a Polish one. The Polish equivalent would be Dąbczyk. And it's anyone's guess what religion its holder had. Families often changed religious affiliation, so there is no way to tell someone's religion from the name alone. You would need actual records.
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
28 Sep 2016  #15

I thought it was Slovakian.Thanks.

Correction: Bernice W.

Bernice W. probaley had a Gorton mother?
jon357 69 | 13,499    
11 Oct 2016  #16


There's a Gorton in Manchester, UK. Is that the place you mean? I know it well. Famous for two former residents called Ian and Myra, a pair I'm glad to have never met. Otherwise, it's a once pleasant housing project which is going to the dogs a bit.

About Surazkowo, I'll be near there very soon. If you want, I can take some photos and post them - might be worth a look
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
18 Oct 2016  #17

Maybe the Brahmin!

Web&Maxine were my grandparents and Dave&Lilo are my other grandparents.

Grama Davis's mother was Maria.

Grama Davis's father was George.There is no Louisiana connection with them!

Grama Davis is buried in Europe with her boyfriend.Ed Funlucker? has all the deal!

Bernice G. is from the Indiana Gortons?

Grama Davis has no Israel in her background.Surname Israel.

MC: AJ Rose&Sons Funeral Home-Chapel Of The Portland Creamatory.

The attorney for the library is the librarian and is telling me that he is representing the library
and needs something in my defense, so I gave him my Compass Math score off of Degree Audit.

The school only keeps the scores for 7 years.The scores are only official for 1 year after that they go on Degree Audit.

The family in Poland followed the Greek Orthodox religion.

Some Cemeteries: Old South Burying Ground, East Parish Burying Ground, Calvary, St. Anthony-Tagard-Washington County-OR,
Seabold-Kitsap County-WA.

Middlesex County-MA. In some families it's ok to be Gay, but not ok to be born of a cousin. why? I would think it would be the otherway around.
NoToForeigners 8 | 953    
18 Feb 2017  #18

ok to be born of a cousin.

Such stuff only in Germany. Sick Sick country.
The Iron Sheik    
18 Feb 2017  #19

No, it is quite popular among ethnic Germans in U.K.:,_Prince_of_Wales
OP archiwum 13 | 125    
19 Feb 2017  #20

Here in Washington State, USA, you can legally marry your 2nd cousin if you don't have
a Petition For Guardianship on you were in the petition the right to marry has been revoked-taken away.

Superior Court here in Washington State grants the petition.

A court document is not real unless it has the state, county, city seal, or DID#. Document Id Number. If it aint got this
then you would be incompetent.

Has to have the seal! Any document unless it has DID#

My grandmother's probate was done in 2011. Filed in Chelan Co. My uncles got everything.

If my father were still alive I would have gotten something from him later. Henry H. was the attorney for
grandmother's estate. In the letter he is telling me the reason why he is contacting me is because of WA Probate Procedure

I also got a copy of the will and 2 documents.
Correction: Harry or Henry H. Ed W. is Bernice's 2nd husband.
MC is my grandfather.2nd. Ed W. was my great uncle.

Some more again:

Bernice-is MC's wife and she had servants there in Portland, Oregon.

Ora-was a nurse.
Alma-was a statistition.
Dorothea Radmann-was a Midwife in Germany and also in the Red Cross.
Maxine-a Dental Hygientist.

Again: ED W. is Bernice's 2nd husband. MC was the the first huband and he died in 1943.
Prince D. of Sweden might be related to my 2nd great grandfather Charles?

MC-The funeral home that took care of his arrangements was A.J. Rose&Sons their at Chapel Of The Portland Cremeatorium.

MC's occupation was a land-developer.
Correction: A.J. Rose &Son

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