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Turkiewicz Ancestors from Poland / Parobek

14 Sep 2014 #1
My name is Janina. My father's parents were settlers from Papiernia in Ukraine after WW2. My father - Michal Turkiewicz was born in 1927.
He was married to Antonina Parobek and they lived in Zlotoglowice near Nysa, SW Poland. They both died.
I am looking for anyone with this name or knows where we are coming from. Thank you.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
14 Sep 2014 #2
TURKIEWICZ: patronymic nick meaning "son of the Turk"; it could have been a real Turk or just someone from some village called Turek, Turkowo, Turczyn, etc.

PAROBEK: occupational tag describing a hired farm hand or stable boy.
kcarnley 1 | 3
28 Oct 2014 #3
What part of Ukraine is Papiernia located? My searches only find several towns in Poland. The Turkiewicz name was once found in Dobropole, Ossowce, Bielawince, Bobulince, Huta Nowa near Buczacz. There was a Roman Catholic priest in Monasterski in the late 1800s that had the Turkiewicz name. Most of the Poles from this area of Ukraine resettled in southwest Poland after WW2. My mother is a Turkiewicz. Her family emigrated to America prior to WW1. I am in contact with some cousins still living in the ancestral village in Ukraine.
Looker - | 1,134
28 Oct 2014 #4
I've found two locations in Ukraine:
Ukrainian name is like Papirnya - when I put the name: Papirnya Ukraine - google maps showed several locations..
mturk - | 1
26 Jan 2015 #5
Merged: turkiewicz

We have located family from Grodek-Jagiellonskim, Lviv, Przemysl.
We have many but many remain missing and we are happy to share.

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