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Trying to find old friend from Lubin, Poland

20 Jul 2014 #1
I was born and grew up in Lubin, Poland until age 14.
My best friend, Bartek (Orlowsing or Orzel or similar) lived next door to my apartment.
He was born 7/20/1974
While growing up, he lived at 72 Orla, Lubin (9th floor).
We both went to Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11

I tried few searches and went on Facebook but can't locate him.

Can anyone think of any public search websites I can explore to try to find him?

Today is his birthday and it's the first time I though about him in a long time.

Marysienka 1 | 195
20 Jul 2014 #2
Try nasza klasa(our class), it used to be "polish facebook" few years ago, and was created as a tool to find classmates. It still existsand you can seatch schools, and sign to classes, but it is not as widely used. It is possible your friend has an account there, and still gets notifications.

And you could write an old-fashioned letter , maybe his parents still live there.
24 Jul 2014 #3
I searched for him and even looked thru all the pictures but couldn't find anything relevant.

Hoping someone will see this and know how to get a hold of him.

It would be nice to reconnect after 25 years.
jon357 71 | 19,937
24 Jul 2014 #4
"Orlowsing". - Try Orlowski.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
24 Jul 2014 #5
OR£OWSKI: root-word orzeł (eagłe). Toponymic tag from Orłów or Orłowo (Eagleton, Eagleville); nine different noble lines amongst bearers of the Orłowski surname.
25 Jul 2014 #6
Sorry, that's what I was searching for; not sure why I typed ( or spell checker 'corrected' it) that way.
So far, no dice, but my aunt lives 2 entrances down in same complex, so I think I'll ask her to walk over and see if maybe his parents still live there.
Mariomp - | 1
4 Mar 2017 #7
I got some more information based on a letter I found from Bartek from 1991.

His name is Bartosz Orłowicz
When we went to this school:,Lubin,PB4725,Gimnazjum+nr+1
from 1st to 8th grade he lived at:
Ulica Orla 72/30
59-300 Lubin
woj. Legnicke

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