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locobron 3 | 12
9 Nov 2010 #1
We bought a old house here and I would love to find out the history of it,can anyone point me in the right direction?
Wroclaw Boy
9 Nov 2010 #2
Without the location nobody can help you.
OP locobron 3 | 12
9 Nov 2010 #3
Sorry forgot to put that in, Ligota Wielka, just outside of Olesnica
Wroclaw Boy
9 Nov 2010 #4
Ligota Wielka, just outside of Olesnica

As i suspected former Germany - plenty of history since 1945 but nothing before i expect. I'm in the same situation, i think German archives would be the best place to look, its difficult getting anything from Poland. I would suggest finding the German name for your town and then hopefully the name of the owners during that time, good line of investigation to get the ball rolling.

A couple of years ago we had a German family show up on our doorstep, as it turned out the ladies Grandfather owned our house and her father briefly lived here. I also have a friend in a similar situation who has traveled to Austria to meet the former owner of his mansion. He managed to access pics from the early 1900's and quite a few stories.
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
9 Nov 2010 #5
Ever heard of any Germans actually buying some of their 'occupied territory' back? ?
OP locobron 3 | 12
9 Nov 2010 #6
Yip, I know it was built byt Germans. The house next to ours has a number printed on the barn roof which not sure if that is indicator of year it was built. We have found some bullets and grenades while redoing the garden etc so know that much. I tried to track down original plans of the house but that is nearly impossible. The person who we bought from has since disappeared off the face of the earth so he is no help, but I do remember him saying that A german couple came and enquired about the house and whether or not he had moved the stairs.....slightly odd.

Will try the German route, never thought of trying to search like that. Thanks.
Softsong 5 | 495
9 Nov 2010 #7
More often, I've heard that the former owners families and the new owners families become friends. And as much as the old folks miss their old homes, they are too old to move and their kids are now happy somewhere else. They just want to see where their roots were.

I did the same thing. I sound like a broken record...sorry. I have both ethnic Polish and Germans roots. This past summer I found the farm that my grandmother grew up on and met the new owners. It was such a wonderful thing for me. I'll remember it always with a smile.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
9 Nov 2010 #8
It's possible the local archive office might have a 'ground book' about who owned land and buildings at which time. That said, it might be hard to get access to it. they can be very iffy about showing such documents. Also, consider church records, whicch might say who lived their.

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