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Surname in the village - visiting the place in Poland where my father was born

overigo13 1 | -
10 Nov 2019 #1
Hello, this is my first thread. My wife and I are travelling to Europe in 2020 and want to visit where my biological Father was born. I know his surname and the village name but how do I find if their are any people by the surname I wish to find? Thanks.
10 Nov 2019 #2
I presume you are hoping to find lost family members? Not quite so easy. To start with you need to check if there is more than one village by the name you have, often there is, and they may be in different areas of the country. Do you know the area he lived in or just the village name? You can enter his surname in the box on this website, it tells you how many people have this surname in each province in Poland. It could be helpful if he has an unusual surname. You can also enter dates and search by parish if you have this information.

Do you know anything else about him which might be of help?
kaprys 3 | 2101
11 Nov 2019 #3
You can try googling the surname and the name of the village -you won't find an address book but some might own a business or have taken part in village celebrations described in article. Or you may try contacting the parish or the head of the village (sołtys).

The question is when was your father born and if there are still living relatives there.
Richthecat 8 | 69
13 Nov 2019 #4
The best way is to contact the local Parish church if your family was catholic who may help you other than that if it is a village, the best way I have found is turn up in a strange car they havn't seen before and eventually some nosey villager will talk to you. You will have to speak a bit of Polish mind, but having done this myself I ended up in multiple peoples houses for coffee and cake just because a bloke speaking polish with a funny accent interested them.

Other than that post the name of the village I am sure if somebody on here lives near there they will help you out.

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