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Surname: Biszkago, Zielun, Poland, Czandiar

26 Dec 2016  #1

Look for any information on the following Family: Father: Adam Biszkago , Mother: Marianne, Son: Ladislaw, Son: Ignak, Daughter: Marianne, Mother in Law Catherine Majeski,
Immigrated to Baltimore, MD, United States June 27, 1883 From Zielun, Russia.
Ended up in Berlin, Wisconsin.

Other spellings of last name: Beczkala, (In Wisconsin I have seen these spellings: Betchkal, Batchkal, Betchkaw, Betchka)

Can anyone help on this:
Adam was thought to be a farmer in Zielun, but there is a claim that Adam was a Czandiar for 30 years before immigrating.
I think this is a sheriff? Not Sure...

Peter Betchkal

Chemikiem 5 | 1,081    
27 Dec 2016  #2

Son: Ladislaw,

Wladislaw maybe?
This record seems likely to be him, although you may have already seen it:-

Son: Ignak


Mother: Marianne,

Not sure about this last one as immigration date differs to the 2 above:-
OP pbetchkal    
27 Dec 2016  #3

Thanks Chemikiem
Ironside 46 | 8,729    
27 Dec 2016  #4


What>? What lingo do you speak bloody Chinese? Wait it could be Hindi.
I have no clue what it means. It doesn't mean anything in Polish, Russian, Spanish and as far as I know neither in German.

It could be a badly mangled Polish word - Żandarm( Le gendarme) - meaning military police.

Catherine Majeski,





That sound better.


Sounds even better = Beczka.


Zieluń - " is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Lubowidz, within Żuromin County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland. It lies approximately 8 kilometres (5 mi) north of Lubowidz, 14 km (9 mi) north of Żuromin, and 133 km (83 mi) north-west of Warsaw.

The village has an approximate population of 800." (wiki)

Home / Genealogy / Surname: Biszkago, Zielun, Poland, Czandiar
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