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I am searching for my ancestor grave site on a cementary in Poland

31 Oct 2012  #1
I am searching for the grave site of my great-great-great grandfather - Johann Pieper

My great-great-great grandfather was Johann Pieper, and we think he is buried in Kalisz, Poland (formerly Prussia). Can someone help me find his tombstone?

Frankie Valens - ph 316-708-3486
TheOther 5 | 3,643
31 Oct 2012  #2
What time frame, which denomination? Before WW1, Kalisz was part of the Russian Empire, not Prussia/Germany. Can't help you with the grave site (there's a good chance that many graves were destroyed after WW2) though, sorry.
Aneslav - | 4
15 Nov 2012  #3
What the nationality he was? Polish or German. What was his religion? catholic, Jew the other one? And in what place and year he died?
Marysienka 1 | 195
15 Nov 2012  #4

try searching here. If he is buried in one of those cemeteries (military or common) you should find him.

Nazwisko Surname
Imię Given name
Data urodzenia DAte of birth
(RRRR-MM-DD) (Year-month-day)
Data zgonu date of death
17 Oct 2013  #5
Merged: Where Romana ('Roma') Wanda Rychter (nee Rudecka) may be buried?

Hello, I am trying to find where this woman is buried. She lived from 1956 in £ódź, but died in 1966 in Sopot. She may or may not have been living there.

someone must know :( her husband was Jerzy Rychter, Polish actor
Looker - | 1,010
4 Apr 2015  #6
I tried to browse some online websites, but without luck. Just want to add, that she was born in Warsaw in 1909.
The only way I see now is to contact management of cemeteries or parishes chanceries in Sopot or in Lodz..
24 May 2016  #7
Merged: try to find grave in szczecin name Jadwiga Kurowska

grave location of Jadwiga Kurowska in Szczecin
Lovemysam2865 1 | 3
17 Jul 2018  #8

Locating Father's Grave

My father was buried in Jedrzejow (I think) in 1970. I was only 5 at the time. I want to visit the grave but don't know where it is. I have a photo but I guess it is too big to attach. His name was Jozef Chrzanowski; I know that is a common name. How should I start looking? I've searched online but don't find anything.

Thank you.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,374
17 Jul 2018  #9
Your best bet is contacting the government in Warsaw and explaining your situation, asking for records like a death certificate or obituary etc.

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