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Rosenhans in Osiek, Poland (and from Galicia)

amr 1 | -
11 Aug 2008 #1
Rosenhans in Osiek

I am trying to research a family by the name of Rosenhan who lived in Osiek, Poland in the early 1900s.
Does anyone have information of them?

Thank You
12 Aug 2008 #2
See below nr 56/1532/0/174
Acts of cases for deceased in 1899 Leisar Rosenhan from Osiek.

Are you tryed find something in
YOSROS - | 1
23 Apr 2017 #3
RE: Rosenhans in Osiek
There was a "SHMUEL ROSENHAN in OSIEK who documented the story of the Jews of ZMIGROD, DUKLA, JASLO Galicia & surrounding area .during World war 2.
See Reference here:

I am looking for genealogy information on the families of 'ROSENHAN' who lived in Galicia in the cities of JASLO, DUKLA, (NOWY) ZMIGROD until world war 2.

I found many lists of names from those cities with the family name Rosenhan on them, but I don't know how the different families were related. Who was who's Father, son, Mother, Sister, Brother etc.

Anyone who has any information about this please let me know.

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