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tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
7 Jan 2007 #1
HI,My name is Tessa Pilipczuk and i have been researching my polish family tree for a long time now.I was wondering if i can find out the residential listing phone numbers for in poland???is there any phone books i can buy?or any website?thankyou,Tessa. I am looking for a residential phone book for Rakolupy/chelm/lublin-poland???any help welcomed,thankyou,Tessa xx:)
7 Jan 2007 #2
You can try and (but it's in Polish)
globetrotter 3 | 106
10 Jan 2007 #4
I think there is also one on
29 Mar 2007 #5
Hello, I ve been looking for a friend in warsaw Poland for about 6 months now..I have all of his information, home number, home address, and even Business website page, but I have been trying to call his number for a while and can not get through.. I know the last time we spoke his phone only allowed incoming calls only due to a large phone bill callinbg me in Canada, How can I find him once again? Or find his cell phone number, or if they even have a new number???Please help me search, I miss him!

Avery :(
11 Mar 2010 #6
She wants WHITE PAGES dont You understand? No working Polish phone book online. Sorry
Ken Hahlo
27 May 2019 #7
Is there anyone with the name of 'Blandowski' or a relative of someone with this last name living in Wroclaw?
pawian 224 | 24,540
4 Jun 2019 #8
Google offers no results - the closest finding is Baldowski.
Actually, the only Blandowski for whole Poland is Wilhelm von Blandowski, a German photographer from Silesia.