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Repatriation Records in Poland during/after WWII

pstolarz 3 | 8
6 Nov 2011 #1
Does anyone know of any websites to find information on Repatriation in Poland during/after WWII I am trying to research some information on my family and it would be very helpful to obtain some repatriation records if possible. Thank you in advance for any information regarding this post.
20 Dec 2011 #2
you can try:
straty dot pl
indeks . karta . org . pl
good luck!


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OP pstolarz 3 | 8
15 Feb 2012 #3
Any other information on Polish Repatriation records that might be available online?
ariel16b 1 | 6
13 Jul 2012 #4
Merged: Repatriation papers (family came back to Poland from USSR after WW2)

my family came back to Poland from USSR when WW2 ended during the repatriation, where can I find the papers about them?

Thank you
TheOther 5 | 3,682
13 Jul 2012 #5
That question doesn't make much sense. If your family was taken to the USSR, they must've lived somewhere in Poland before the war, right? Do you know where and do you know their names? If yes, just try to get access to the churchbooks for that parish and look for marriages first. You can find a lot of information online at and also on the web sites of quite a few Polish archives. Or are you talking only about the repatriation papers?
ariel16b 1 | 6
13 Jul 2012 #6
They escaped to USSR when the war started they were not taken there, and I am interested to find only their repatriation papers for now

they will not have any church documentation...

thnx for the quick response by the way...
TheOther 5 | 3,682
13 Jul 2012 #7
Can't help you with the repatriation papers, but if your ancestors were Jewish you could at least look up the civil registration records. For the part of Poland that was the German Empire, the records go back to October 1874. The so-called "Dissidenten Register", where Jewish citizens were listed, are also very helpful. Many of these registers have survived the war, AFAIK.

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