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Looking for relatives in Poland, Snaza, Miotke, Wirkus, Lewandowski

larrysfire 1 | 2
27 Jan 2011 #1
My grandparents on both sides came here from Poland. Which yes means I'm full blooded : ) From what I can tell tracking Snaza which is my name I believe we are from a small town outside of Gdansk. My gandfather, Michael came here when he was eleven about 1882 with his uncle Piotr. Would anyone know if Snaza is shortened or a correct Polish name? or anything else about the listed names? I realize Lewandowski is the most common and hard to track the other are fairly rare, at least in the US. Any help appreciated.
ShortHairThug - | 1101
27 Jan 2011 #2
Would anyone know if Snaza is shortened or a correct Polish name?

Snaza is correct; it’s formed from a root word ‘snaga’ meaning cleanliness. Other variations are Snazyk and Snażyk but those are formed from snażyć (to clean oneself or to try your best or extra hard).

Miotke is patronymic from an old Slavic name Miecislaw, today Mieczysław.

Wirkus is formed from a German word ‘wirkhus’ meaning tool shed.

All of those are from Pomorze region of Poland.

Lewandowski ; I guess no explanation needed, you’ll find people with this name all over todays Poland.
collst - | 1
6 Aug 2011 #4
I have a small information about my relatives from Poland. To my regret relation was lost. Here are some photos. Last name on the line "Medved"

here are photos
Polonius3 983 | 12333
6 Aug 2011 #5
LEWANDOWSKI: topo nick from Lewandów otuside Warsaw or Lewandowszczyzna in the Lublin area (Lavenderville).
OP larrysfire 1 | 2
30 Nov 2013 #6
Merged: Finding grave site of Piotr Snaza (Schnaza)

My Great great grandfather was Piotr Snaza (Schnaza) he married Jadwiga Hedwiga Suwalski on December 22 1832 in Ocypel.
My Great grandfather Johann married Josephina Wika Kozlowski on July 13 1860 in Lubichowo. A great uncle was born in Zielona Gora. My Grandfather Michael was born in Labrekon in 1872. My Great grandfather and grandfather immigrated to the US in 1880. Piotr died on October 31, 1888. I understand all the towns/ villages are close to each other so I would guess Piotr is buried in this area. I don't know anything about Piotr as far as his homestead, grave site or surviving relatives. I understand Piotr's 2 boys and some of his daughters came to the US together but did he have more children still in Poland? Can anyone point me to maybe some church records to research?
24 Dec 2017 #7

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