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Place of birth: Tereza Minsk - Russia~Poland?

23 Mar 2017 #1
Hi, can someone help me? My great grandfather has on his petition for Naturalization that his place of birth is Tereza Minsk Russia. Are these towns?
Paulina 9 | 1,448
23 Mar 2017 #2
There's a village in Russia, in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Bolshemurtinsky District called "Minsk" (Минск):

There's also a village in Russia called "Tereze" (Терезе) - it's located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Malokarachayevsky District.

I also had an idea that "Tereza" could be a village or a town in the administritive district of Minsk in Belarus (Belarus was once a part of Russia) but I didn't manage to find anything on Google nor in Russian on Yandex (it's a Russian search engine like Google), so I guess you would have to ask a Belarusian about this.

Btw, Tereza is a Russian and Belarusian equivalent of the name Teresa/Theresa (in Russian: Тереза, in Belarusian: Тэрэза).

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