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"Petcova, Poland". Looking for a town in Poland

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6 Mar 2010 #1
My husband's ancestors come from Poland and thereabouts, and he is working on a family tree. We have a US draft registration card from WW1 which lists his great grandfather Stanley Kovalewski's place of birth as "Petcova, Poland". We have looked all over and can't find any town by this name in Poland. Apparently, he was illiterate, because the card bears not his signature, but his "mark", with a witness vouching for his identity. It's possible that whoever filled it out for him misunderstood an accent or something. Can anybody here help us find out the story behind his birthplace?
6 Mar 2010 #2
Stanley Kovalewski's

Stanisław Kowalewski


Could be Podkowa Leśna near Warsaw.
OP Hamster 1 | 1
6 Mar 2010 #3
Aha! I had thought it might be Podkowa Leśna! Thanks, we'll folow that lead. Since he has so much family history leading to Poland, I imagine I'll be here often asking questions! And thanks for the name as well. He had seen that name in some records, but never made the link between Stanley and Stanisław. Thanks again!

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