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Minkin from Poland?

22 Sep 2007 #1
Hi I want to know if it could be possible thats name, Minkin, can be from Poland, I know there are some people who have this name, and more people with the name Minkina, if anybody can help me thanks, by the way , my father is from Ukraine, mother originally from Poland, Silbermann is jewish isn't it?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
22 Sep 2007 #2

28 people in Poland.


690 people in Poland.
Ronek 1 | 261
22 Sep 2007 #3
I was wandering where do you get this data from? you got some sort of online database of Polish citizens?

cool thx.
GrandeSande 2 | 119
22 Sep 2007 #4
I think all of the data is as of 1990, and is not up to date.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
22 Sep 2007 #5
Yes they are from early 90's but rather haven't changed very much since then.
GrandeSande 2 | 119
22 Sep 2007 #6
Thanks, that's good to know, because it is such a helpful source of info!
OP kawaz
22 Sep 2007 #7
thanks ;) thats great to know how many people with my name are living in Poland, I'd like travel there I'm from France it's not so far!
truhlei 10 | 332
23 Sep 2007 #8

As far as I know, Minkin is a Jewish surname. It is derived from feminine name Minka. That was one of the ways of Jewesh surnames formation in Russian Empire, i.e. from mother's names: Rivkin from Rivka, Elkin from Elka and Minkin from Minka. It is considered so in Russia now but you should consult Jewesh historians.

As all Jewish communities were in Russian Empire in past Moldavian, Lithuanian (today Lithuania and Belarus) and Polish (today Poland and Ukraine) lands, your ancestors should be from one of these territories.

I'm sure Jewesh experts should know all about the practice of such surnames formation as well as about regions it was quite common.


Alexander Minkin is quite a popular journalist in Russia.
If you want to visit your historical Fatherland, visit also Ukraine and Belarus. The territory of these states may be the place your ancestors are from. There is still a weak possibility that Minkin surname could appear in the lands of Polish kingsdom (lands of today Poland). Poles here may tell you more about that. I suppose that such surname was adopted by Jewish family in the land of today Ukraine, Belarus or Russian Federation.
kawaz - | 2
7 Nov 2012 #9
Merged: Minkin Polish last name

Hi, My family is from Poland, I made some search and there is according to the website more and less 50 people in Poland with Minkin family name. It sounds russian I know but the polish people with this surname are mainly in central and southern Poland, any explanation? :)
boletus 30 | 1,361
7 Nov 2012 #10
You are on the right trail, I suppose. The database "Moi Krewni" (My Relatives) reports 31 Minkin persons in Poland, with their highest distribution in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), and specifically: 11 Słupca County, 4 Koło County, 3 Konin County.

During the times of Poland's partitions the border crossing between Prussia and Russia was set between Strzałkowo (Prussia) and nearby Słupca (Russia). In 1915 Prussians build the infamous prisoner of war camp in Strzałkowo, which was also later used by Poland to keep there Soviet Union prisoners (war of 1919-1921) and since 1921 Ukrainian prisoners of war of 1920 with Ukrainian People's Republic. Strzałkowo is being used by Russian propaganda to counter Poland's demands for punishment of those guilty of Katyń massacre. Many POW died in Strzałkowo during typhus epidemic.

That said, Słupca must have housed some kind of Russian garrison, or at least some army barracks for Russian soldiers manning the border crossing. There is a defunct Orthodox cemetery in Słupca for Orthodox people settled in Słupca county in XIX century. At the spot of the former cemetery there is a monument commemorating the dead.

There used to be the Orthodox Church in Słupca, Poland, erected in 1914, but torn down in 1928, as a symbol of Tsarist / Russian domination. The second picture attached here shows unveiling of a monument on the Main Market in Słupca in 1926; The Orthodox church is seen on the background.

  • Orthodox monument in Supca

  • Orthodox church in Supca, 1926

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