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Location of a parent from Luczk/Łuck(?) - Poland (Samsoniuk surname)

28 Sep 2018 #1
Sorry to bother you guys but I tried my best to find an information about the city that my grandfather was born, but I cant find it, when I searched about it, in his document says that he is from Luczk- Poland, I'm from Brazil and I think that they tried to write it in the fonetic way. So any of you guys know about this region? I believe that they meant Łuck or Lutsk maybe ? he was born in 1904. And his surname was Samsoniuk, i found some old news about a place named Husinka in Lublin where a massacre occurred and I found a photo of a tombstone with the same surnames of my grandfather and my surname: Samsoniuk, could someone pleaseeee help me to uncover it?
lul bul
28 Sep 2018 #2
Dont quote me.because someone just asked me personally about that city and its in Ukraine now.

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