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LISIA GORA - village in Poland

caprice49 4 | 224
24 Aug 2009 #1
Does anyone know anything about this village?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Aug 2009 #2
Lisia Góra (Fox Hill) is a rather large vilłlage of 14,000 in the Tarnów area of SE Poland. If you read Polish, here is a link:
OP caprice49 4 | 224
25 Aug 2009 #3
Lisia Góra (Fox Hill)

Many thanks
I never realised it was that large.

Is anyone out there who comes from that village?
scorpio 20 | 188
25 Aug 2009 #4
Is anyone out there who comes from that village?

I live only 44 kilometers directly south of Lisia Góra in the Carpathian foothills near Gromnik. My family actually comes from Dąbrowa Tarnowska, which is only about 12 kilometers north of Lisia Góra.

The main road going from Tarnów to Warszawa (via Szczucin over the Wisła river) passes directly through Lisia Góra. The village has a beautiful church and a few other historical sites.
OP caprice49 4 | 224
25 Aug 2009 #5
The village has a beautiful church and a few other historical sites.

Thanks for replying. I went there many moons ago.

I do speak Polish but am not sure whether I should use the language here.

How far is the village from Kraków and do you know the best way to approach it:- bus/train as I thinking of going there. (I am trying to check out some family history as one of my relatives emigrated to USA and now we are looking for descandants but need a date of birth)

Would you happen to know the best time to visit the church as I need to dig into the family history. I need to go back to 1883 so are there the records kept there or is there a central place for archives. I'd hate to go all that way, and then be turned away.

My father born in Lisia Gora came from a family of 14, but 7 of them were from my grandmother and the remainder from my stepgrandmother whom my grandfather married after my grandmother died. Some of them have died and I have lost touch with the remainder. My grandfather built the church gates, but I don't suppose they are still standing.

27 Oct 2009 #6
My mom (Ludwika Mucha) was born in Lisia Gora 1920. I have a cousin who now owns the land and he resides there. My mom's house is still standing. I, too, am starting a detailed search of everyone.
OP caprice49 4 | 224
29 Oct 2009 #7
My mom (Ludwika Mucha) was born in Lisia Gora 1920.

I recollect my father mentioning the family name. Lisia Gora is quite small, so our families undoubtably knew each other.
7 Apr 2010 #8
My ancestry goes back to
Tarnow, Lisia Gora, between 1800-1900.
Does anyone have information about Lisia Gora at these times, or know of mansion houses in the area, which were owned or rented by officers of the K&K Galizian Army (Austrian Empire) around 1870-1890. there is a possible connection with horses.

Reference names Kaminski, Nagas, Ontl, (Burczy Mucha?, Luk?)
cubgirl88 - | 1
2 May 2010 #9
My granfather was born in the town of Zukowice Nowe on Dec. 24, 1891 and baptized in a church in Lisia Gora on Dec. 26, 1891. Would anyone know if this Church still exists?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
3 May 2010 #10
just google: lisia gora churches

you'll get plenty of hits.
OP caprice49 4 | 224
5 May 2010 #11
Would anyone know if this Church still exists?

Yes it does!! The church is Sw. Wojciecha.

Thread attached on merging:

I've been trying to establish who owned the manor house in Lisia Gora which was destroyed some time in the late 19th or may be early part of 20th century. All documents come up with the same information that there once "stood a manor house" (stał dwór)

Does anyone know the name of the owner of this place in late 19th century or even its name? I've been looking now for over half a year without much luck.

Thanks in advance for any information
13 Feb 2016 #12
I am very surprised to see a thread about my hometown. I was born in tarnow in 1986 but lived there my entire there in my childhood. Till 1993. My family owns the flour mill there and my grandmother just received an award for reaching 100 years of age. My last name is Kurek.
25 Feb 2016 #14
To KurekM - I just found out that my great-grandfather(John born 1848) and great-grand aunt(Thekla born 1862) came from Lisia Gora. The family name is Ciochon/Cichon/Cihon - I have found several spellings. Their parents were Michal Ciochon and Mary Wijas. Is there a Catholic church in Lisia Gora that I might be able to visit? I plan to go to Poland this October. Also, is Lisia Gora a province or a town or both? Thank you.
Looker - | 1,134
25 Feb 2016 #15
It seems to be a village and a gmina (an administrative district in Poland which is smaller than a province) - according to wiki:óra,_Lesser_Poland_Voivodeship
25 Feb 2016 #16

Plus read post number 11 on this thread.

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