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Genealogy Klikowa, Tarnow, Poland - Pictures and Phone book

19 Oct 2006 #1
My Grandfather Wojciech Jan Gajda came to the US in 1905. He was from Klikowa near Tarnow. I would like to find out how to obtain pictures and a phone book or listing to see if there are still Gajda's in the area. Any Hints?
FISZ 24 | 2,116
19 Oct 2006 #2

Did you try to contact the local churches there?
OP chicadee2006
19 Oct 2006 #3
Not yet, I do not speak Polish and with out a referance, I do not know the Churches in that town. How would I find that out?
FISZ 24 | 2,116
19 Oct 2006 #4
OP chicadee2006
19 Oct 2006 #5
Wow! Thanks for the help!
21 Oct 2006 #6
J'm still live in Klikowa near Tarnow in POLAND and sign few people about surname GAJDA. Tell me what information you need and photo;s. It can i Will help jou...
13 Dec 2009 #7
Nazywam się Gajda. Moj Dziadek pochodził z Klikowa k / Tarnowa Piotr Gajda. Byl przed wojna żołnierzem zawodowym. Mam nadzieję, że Że z rodzina. Pozdrawiam Jan Gajda. Moj meil: janek46

Edit... simple name is Gajda. my grandfather was Piotr Gajda. he was a soldier before the war.
my email address is....

please ensure that your post is in english.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
13 Dec 2009 #8
A fair number of Gajdas (some 500) live in and around the town of Tarnów. The name probably originated as an occupational nick for a country piper.

GAJDA: piper or fiddler (homespun village musician)
24 Aug 2010 #9
My grandfather was Pawel Marchwica, and he left Klikowa for the last time in 1912. He left a wife Julia behind and I assume he might have even left children behind as he was 38 years old when he left. So I am looking for any descendants of Julia and Pawel Marchwica in and around Klikowa. Any help would be appreciated. Or even whether any Marchwica's still live in the area would be appreciated.


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