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Looking for Julian Skalski from Poland / Skaletski / Skalecki

9 Dec 2005 #1
[Moved from]: Looking for Skaletski / Skalecki family roots

Looking for Skaletski family roots. Might have been spelled w/o/ the "T" back in Poland
10 Dec 2005 #2
two probable spellings:
1. Skalecki ('c' is pronounced quite like 'ts')
2. the other probable spelling includes a Polish character instead of the 'l'. It is a 'l' with a slash in the middle. The letters 'al' would then be pronounced like 'ow' is 'cow' (not as the 'ow' in 'show')
OP cakes78 1 | -
16 Oct 2011 #3
I am trying to trace where Julian Skalski is from in Poland as all i know about him is that he was born on 6/2/25 and lived in Halifax and Elland West Yorkshire in the 1950's and in Dover in 1980 till his death in 2002. He is my grandfather and i would like to know a bit about him as my Grandmother does not really remember.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Oct 2011 #4
SKALSKI: root-word skała (rock); probably topo nick from Skała, Skałka, Skałów or similar.
herbert - | 1
19 Dec 2013 #5
Hi, I came across this site by accident, I don't know how much you know about your granddad, but I knew him when he lived in Friars Way Dover, I also knew his son in law Richard West, if you know all these facts I am sorry to have bothered you.

Regards Phil
ShawnH 8 | 1,508
19 Dec 2013 #6
Regards Phil

Phil this thread is two + years old and the Original Poster doesn't appear to be around.. She does have an e-mail contact info in her profile, perhaps you could touch base with her via e-mail.....

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