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Jozef Witek - help me with a telephone No, for a relative in Poland?

20 Feb 2011 #1
Hi, My name is Kristine from Melboure Australia and I am hoping someone can help me with a telephone No for a relative in Poland (if they are listed) His name is Jozef Witek and he lives in Radom with his wife Barbara they had two children Janusz and Renata. Would be most grateful for any help. Looking to visit Poland later this year and would like to make contact.

Thank you.
AdamKadmon 2 | 501
20 Feb 2011 #2
Try this one:

Barbara Witek, Radom, ul. Folwarczna:

number removed Re post no. 4
OP kris1948
21 Feb 2011 #3
Thank you will try.xx
OP kris1948
21 Feb 2011 #4
Hi, Thank you for the no. but unfortunately was not the person, any other Jozef Witeks in Radom please.
AdamKadmon 2 | 501
21 Feb 2011 #5
Do you know the name of the street?
jonni 16 | 2,482
21 Feb 2011 #6
There's a Janusz Witek and a Barbara Witek at the same address in £ódź - maybe they moved? This is their number:
when Kris1948 has answered this post the number will be removed
OP kris1948
22 Feb 2011 #7
Thank you, my cousins name was Jozef and wife barbara,children renata and janusz.
Thank you for your efforts. xx
jonni 16 | 2,482
22 Feb 2011 #8
Did you try ringing the last one?
OP kris1948
22 Feb 2011 #9
Dont know the street, but was he was a pilot in the a/force could live in Gov. accom.???
I guess he could be in his 70's or so. Am trying to get some more info. Thks x
jonni 16 | 2,482
22 Feb 2011 #10
Try that number.
OP kris1948
23 Feb 2011 #11
Thank you, will try tonite Aust. time. lets hope.
Kristina1948 3 | 10
10 Apr 2011 #12
Could anyone please tell me a little about the village Kozice, Trojanow, Garwolina. My father came from this village, his name was Boleslaw Kowalczyk. As we are visiting Poland in August from Australia, I would like to visit this village but have not been able to get any information. I do have a baptism certificate is there one church in the that area of more as I would like to find out which street he lived. in. Most grateful for any information.

Thank you to all, have located a connection from Kozice who is familiar with my family.
Best wishes.
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
17 Apr 2011 #13
WITEK: hypocoristic (pet) form of the first name Witold, polonised version of the popular Lithuanian first name Vytautas.

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