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Help locating a town / city listed as "Stuelufe, Lublin, Poland".

5 Apr 2018 #1
I'm looking at a U.S. naturalization petition for an ancestor of mine, and the place of birth is listed as "Stuelufe, Lublin, Poland".

The birth occurred in 1904, and all other records for him state "Russia" or "Russian Poland" for country of origin (understandably so for that time period).

The naturalization petition was completed in 1943.

I've searched high and low but can't come up with anything for "Stuelufe", which is frustrating my attempt to locate a birth record for him. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

gumishu 14 | 6223
5 Apr 2018 #2
Stuelufe sounds like Stułów but I haven't find any place like that not only in Lublin area but in entire Poland - there is a Sułów though in Lublin area
OP BravoSix
6 Apr 2018 #3
Thanks for the reply. This mystery town coupled with a variety of possible surname spellings is driving me nuts. I appreciate the tip on a possible match.
OP BravoSix
13 Apr 2018 #4
I was able to find a birth record showing that the location was Sulów.

Thanks for the help!

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