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Grand mother's maiden name? She was born in Poland.

9 Mar 2018 #1
Hi there,

I am trying to find out my great grand mother's maiden name. Her name was Annie and after getting married to John Nashchuk her last name changed to that. Walter Kozdrowicki was her second husband.

This is the information I know,
NASHCHUK-KOZDROWICKI - Annie passed away at Strathmore Continuing Care Unit on July 19, 1997 at the age of 93 years. She was born in Poland on August 3, 1903. Annie was predeceased by her first husband John Nashchuk in 1954, her only son Bill in 1977, and her second husband Walter Kozdrowicki in 1978. She is survived by three daughters, Helen (Mack) Walper of Ashmont, Alberta, Justina (Roy) Kary of Mannville, Alberta, and Mary (Emmet) Burke of Rockyford, Alberta; fifteen grandchildren, twenty-one great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.

In 1960, Walter married Annie Nasschuk, widow of John Nasschuk. The Nasschuk family had once farmed in the Haynes district, then moved to Ardley, and had one son and three daughters.

Walter and Annie Kozdrowicki sold their farm to Harold (Hoddy) Walper in 1964 and moved into Alix. A year later they moved to Calgary.
15 Apr 2018 #2
Unless you have other family members also researching, I would say your chances of finding out her maiden name without knowing whereabouts she came from in Poland , are very slim. Especially if she had a common maiden name.
gjene 14 | 204
15 Apr 2018 #3
You have a start to what you are trying to find. Yes, it will be difficult. Where did her 1st husband die? If you can obtain his death certificate, while this may not provide an immediate answer to your question but may lead to a general area where they may have gotten married. Also, another thing to consider is her religious beliefs. That would also help to narrow down the search.

Was she married before or after she immigrated? When did she obtain Canadian citizenship? Did she get this before or after she married the 1st or 2nd time. Another source of information to follow up is the census records. Also ask yourself did she have children by the 1st marriage and which are from the 2nd or all the children from which marriage. By trying to put this information into perspective it may help to find her maiden name. Good luck. Did she ever keep up with her literacy in Polish by writing to someone back in Poland. If so, do the letters survive? While the person that wrote to her may be dead as well by now, but those letters may give clues as well by backwards engineering that persons answers to what she may have written.

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