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Going to Poland to make a genealogy trip

MichalinaMaj 1 | 1
23 Jun 2013 #1
I am going to Kraków in september for a month to hopefully track down my families old manor and relatives. I do have documents but does anyone have any advice on how to obtain records or tips on researching these things in Kraków?
jaworski 1 | 5
30 Jun 2013 #2
About sixteen years ago we traveled to Poland. We contacted a Rev. Andrzej Sapata, Director ARchiwum Kurii Metropolitanej in Krakow. He was very helpful in locating relatives around Krakow. I don't know if he is around anymore. Address UL. Francizkanska a 31-004 Krakow. I hope this is of some help to you. I'm pretty sure if he is not there someone has replaced him.
OP MichalinaMaj 1 | 1
3 Jul 2013 #3
Wow, thankyou very much, I will give that a go
jhzs - | 9
12 Jul 2013 #4
A month is quite a lot of time to do research although the chuch archives you were pointed to in previous answer is closed in September and they reopen in October. Also, the manager of the archives changed since. But when you come to the archives in October you would be able to see the books they have and would be able to search them. This archives does not have any books for Krakow city however (they say they were taken by the communist). They have books for archidioecesis of Krakow. Instead, if your ancestors were in fact from Krakow town and not from the province you should go to a state archives in Sienna street. And most of, especialy older records, can be found in local parishes. I might be able to help more if you provide more details about specific places you are looking for and documents you already have.

jpgach - | 2
5 Aug 2015 #5
Merged: Making another genealogy trip to Poland - visiting Golcowa, Krzemienica, Nowy Targ and Babice

Looking for local genealogy connections in some of these cities.
Will be doing some additional searches at the churches (again) but also wanted to find some civic records.....any advice?

Kind thanks,


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