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Glownia family origin in poland?

7 Apr 2013 #1
My name is Marc Glovina and my true family name is glownia as my father said to me. we are from poland but now we are living in lebanon.

the story that the grandfather of my dad and his name is ludwig came from poland from long time and came to lebanon with all of his family i think.

Now i dont have the polish nationality but im working to have it i have the polish passport of my grandfather with me. now im trying to find from where exactly is teh origin of glownia family and i hope someone can help me
Zazulka 3 | 129
7 Apr 2013 #2
Your family name is not Glownia as such last name doesn't exist in Polish. It is most likely Głownia
Here is the map showing where in Poland people with the last name Głownia live:

If you have your grandfather's a passport then you have the information.
Also, I am quite sure that your grandfather's first name in his passport isn't Ludwig but Ludwik. If you are searching for the info you should be more careful with details.
7 Apr 2013 #3
Hi Marc!

Your family may come from southern Poland or from the city of Olsztyn.

Zazulka says that your grandfathers name is rather Ludwik, but in fact both of you can be right. Ludwik is the polish version and Ludwig is a german version of the same name. In the beginning of the 20th century in both regions german was the official language, so actually it is possible.

If you would like me to help you find your roots, please contact me at I run a small genealogy research bureau for genealogy researches in regions of current and former Poland. I also have some information about Ludwig Glowna born ca. 1875 but you gave to little information to ensure me that it is your grandfather.

Barbara from Poland
polonius 54 | 420
8 Apr 2013 #4
G£OWNIA: the stronghold of the some 700 people named Głownia is in the neighbouring Kraków and Katowice areas in the south of Poland.

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