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Garus last name - from Poland or Russia?

eva marie 1 | 15
17 Jun 2010 #1
Hi,I have attempted to research my last name(Garus) many times.however i came up with more questions than answers from poland(austria/galicia)or Russia?i have tried many variartions.This saddens me since i have no info to leave my children,grandchildren.I have checked Ellis island with no luck either.Any additional suggestions would be very apperciated.
plk123 8 | 4,149
17 Jun 2010 #2
seems there is at least one Garus in PL..
Sasha 2 | 1,083
17 Jun 2010 #3
Eva I don't know what russia is but there're some Garus (Harus) in Russia. Briefly garus in Russian is a type of cotton fabric, - "worsted" in English. The word was borrowed from Polish but earlier it had migrated into it from German. The word originates from "Haar" which is "hair" in German.

People with this last names live both in Russia and in the former USSR. It's however hard to tell which nationality had your forefathers, since nationality is a question of one's upbringing which has nothing to do with last names.
OP eva marie 1 | 15
17 Jun 2010 #4
Thank-you.I am interested in my hertiage and all who were before me.I am part polish and part german with alot of curosity of my ancestors.Many different reasons why it is important to me.The word Family is who your with and not always the bloodline.Finding great grandparents etc might shed some light on things.:)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
17 Jun 2010 #5
GARUS: in Polish this mainly means a stewed-fruit soup; etymology from gar (large pot in which the soup simered); a secondary meaning of garus is couch potato, a laybout who enjoys dozing next to a warm stove. More than 2,000 people in Poland are named Garus, and their ancestral stronghold appears to be Upper Silesia (Górny Śląsk or Oberschlesien).
Sasha 2 | 1,083
17 Jun 2010 #6
Eva, that might be of some help.

There's one member registered from Ukraine. Marina Garus. The Russian/Ukrainian spelling is Гарус. Good luck!
Wiedzmin_fan - | 79
17 Jun 2010 #7
I fond this information when searched in Russian:

There are documented mentions of your last name since 1545.
OP eva marie 1 | 15
17 Jun 2010 #8
:) Thank-You ever so much.very interesting and theres a chance here.;)
plk123 8 | 4,149
18 Jun 2010 #9
There are documented mentions of your last name since 1545.

garusov is not garus necessarily..


where the heck do you pull this crap out from?
OP eva marie 1 | 15
18 Jun 2010 #10
thank_you for your assistance and advice.:)

Hello! I am Researching the Garus name and i found a grandmother (Trybiec) came over in 1905 she lived in Lesinowska????? any avice on this place would be apperciated.The port she departed from was Bremen which is germany im sure(i HOPE).

Greetings, I have attemted every lead and no luck at all.My Birth name Garus does not exist I guess.its so sad,I just wanted tohave closure.Tryibec and jurek (tied to Garus name in records I had)None of the names seem to exist ,no marriage,death,.well i might as well face it i came from outerspace or hatched.If Anyone can give suggestions i might try again i have exhausted all resources.(i cant read polish dont help)Thank you:)
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,694
18 Aug 2010 #11
Did you ever searched german sources? It's not so rare in Germany...

OP eva marie 1 | 15
21 Aug 2010 #12
well,Ive tried everything and no luck.The polish name Garus was to believed to have ski on the end like garuski or maybe garusky not too sure.i can not read anything but english.:(My Grandfather was tomasz Garus born in 1890? Listed on papers are austria/Galcia and R?russia Came to america between 1900-1910.Not through Ellis island.The parents names for him on death certficate were Valentine Garus/Agnes jurek-Garus. Some info on Thomas s wife monica ellis island 1905. I am not familar with polish letters or german or what the names might be in anything but english.Trying so hard to find the beginning and Origin of my given name Garus.Please your help would greatly be appreciated. I did try all other suggestions thus far...:) Mom teased me that i was found in a cabbage patch.wish i was it wouldve been easier to find my roots!:)
Wiedzmin_fan - | 79
21 Aug 2010 #13
My Birth name Garus does not exist I guess.

I don't understand what are you trying to accomplish - are you looking for English-speaking relatives in the US only? If not, how exactly are you going about looking for relatives in the Eastern Europe without speaking/reading the language(s)? I am sure you are aware that there are paid services (in Russia, and I am sure in Poland too) where professionals would track down your relatives via archives and public records.

As far as "name Garus does not exist" - surely, you are joking?
Here are 10 people with that name looking for relatives *right now*, on this particular site:

garusov is not garus necessarily..

Your point being?
mrozenbe - | 12
23 Aug 2010 #14
Garus name is not so popular in Poland.
There are abt. 2500 people called Garus who live in Poland, most of them in south Poland.

Most important is place where your ancestors come from. Do you know name of the village?
OP eva marie 1 | 15
25 Aug 2010 #15
Not any solid info to start with unfortunately.I am attempting to figure out where Tomasz Garus was born to get started.His dad was Valentine Garus andMom Angnesjurek garus.i am trying to find that first to know where to look next. I am on a fixed income so i am trying find site that are fee or low cost.I would like to be able to translate things to english. Not everyone is understandable. Yes,theres times i feel my name didnt exist.:) I am trying to find answers.many records are incorrect or incomplete. Going by what i have.I do not know polish spellings for names i have.Thanks to all with advice.
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
25 Aug 2010 #16
Hello! I am Researching the Garus name and i found a grandmother (Trybiec) came over in 1905 she lived in Lesinowska????? any avice on this place would be apperciated.

That would be Leśniówka near (Krosno) Poland

The polish name Garus was to believed to have ski on the end like garuski or maybe garusky not too sure.

Garus is spelled correctly, no need to deceive yourself that it was changed. Ships' manifest states your grandmother was single upon her arrival, perhaps you should start your search with the church records where they were married and go from there.

I would like to be able to translate things to english.

I'm sure that if you post it here whatever needs to be translated some kind soul will help you out.
OP eva marie 1 | 15
29 Aug 2010 #17
Thank-You for your help and kindness.I will continue my searc.God Bless you! :)

Merged thread:
Garus Family name

Garus,Is the name i amd trying,trying to research for years now....Thanks for all help given so far.All i have found out is Tomasz Garus came to U.S A about 1906 near or from Radzewugna Russia border.Also That Galicia/austria was also listed on another form.Thats as far as i got after years of looking.:( He and Monika(tryibec) lived in Pennsylvania United states in 1910.So between 1907-1910 they were married.just cant find record for it.His Dad id listed as Valentine Garus and Mom was Agnes Jurek.Never came to states that i know.Names could be wrong and so could records.:( any other ideas You could pass along i would value.
maksym 2 | 47
24 Sep 2010 #18
Did Tomasz Garus live in Toledo, Ohio?

If so, he is listed as having served in the Polish Army In France, also known as Haller's Army, or Blue Army.

Here is a link to where he is listed:

When at the webpage you can click on "Description of this index" for more information.

The 2nd entry for Tomasz sounds promising, as you'll see there is a "c" at the far right. From the information in the description of the index, if there is an entry with a "c" listed, there should be a record available which has birth information as well as where he was born.
OP eva marie 1 | 15
9 Oct 2010 #19
Thank-You very Much:) Yes this is him..I have to renew my once i get money saved up.Then i will be able to get the answers i need.Than_you so much again.

thank You for your help,Im Hoping to be able to get more info within two weeks.Moneys tight right now.You definately are on the right track though. Thank-you again.:)

Merged thread:
Additional help with the name of "Garus: requested

Hello I am a decendant of Valentine Garus and Anges(Jurek) Garus and i am looking for more info on my roots.Their son Thomas(Tomasz) Garus was my Grand father.and i am not sure of siblings of Tomasz. I have tried to locate marriage info or death/burial info and have not had any luck.Was told name was shortened but unclear of original name format if it was shortened at some point to Garus.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ancestry .com has little to offer. all i know is Galcia/austria is listed.Thank You and God bless!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
21 Dec 2010 #20
If you say Garus was shortened, then it may have been an abbreviated version of one of the following surnames currently used in Poland:
Garusiewicz Garusiński Garuski Garusow Garustowicz Garusz Garuszewski Garuszyński Garuś Garuściński
OP eva marie 1 | 15
1 Jan 2011 #21
Dear polonius 3 Thank-You for your help...I did locate more names to try related to Garus,Garis and also Trewic.trybice.and Dzwchra and finally stec.whew! alot to try to figure out... Not sure what part of poland...all i know is galcia/austria is what i come up with...My Grandmother was monika Tryibec? from lesinowka in 1905... My great grandfather was either Valentine garus or joesph garis and His wife was either anges Jurek or mary stec?? so many variations in paperwork.depending on record and state...I am truely interested in my Great grandparents and i think Joesph and mary were not their true names...Just a hunch. The Name Dzwchra was my Great grandmother (Monikas mother).This is who i was named after..Thank-You for helping and taking time to care! God bless you.How would i research polish death records???Or birth record of tomasz garus in poland(His parents were Valentine/Joesph Garis-Agnes/Mary Jurek)?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
1 Jan 2011 #22
eva marie
I do nto believe the Dzwchra spelling is possible in Polish. Perhaps something has got left out. If possible, recehck your ancestors' documents.
Also Trewic, Trybice and Tryibec do not look quite right. Trybiec might be more like it.
OP eva marie 1 | 15
7 Jan 2011 #23
Polonius 3,thank-You,I recheck the records i came across and the Previuous names is correct according to what records i do have.:(. I do not know what to look for if their not correct or Polish.Thank-you for pointing this out .:)
Juliane G
8 Feb 2011 #24
Hi Eva Marie,

my Name is Juliane Garus.
I found this Side, when I search for my Name Garus. I life in Germany and my English is not so good. The Name Garus came frome Poland, i think. What is your Probleme? I hope can help you.

OP eva marie 1 | 15
24 Mar 2011 #25
Hello,Thank-you! My bithname is Garus, i am trying to research family name and find records of any kind.. The names i am researching Valentine or joseph Garus also spelled garis according to records..Also the last name Trewic or trybiec.also jurek one other last name is Dzwchra?? Thats all i have and i am sure there are misspellings as well..I am not sure if the family was born in poland or russia...varies from records which i am limited in finding.Your english is fine....No problem.God Bless!:)
25 Apr 2011 #26
Eva Marie

I am a Garus as well. My Grandfather was Leonard Joseph Garus of Buffalo NY. I was always told that our surname was from poland and likely was originally Garuski. I am very interested in your research as there are very few of us and I am certain that we are all connected somewhere.
16 Feb 2013 #27
Try King AbGarus-V of Edessa), (ab-father of, garus-exiles), of semitic origin.

One of 7 PRIME languages spoken in Papua New Guinea is GARUS.
But to establishe the origin of the name GARUS I think, it's smarter to follow the written dokuments.
Keep in minde though, that the same name hase evolved from language to language, and all those pronunciations and translations made sometimes Garus intu Abgarus, Agbarus, Abgar etc.

Oldest language is allways the best bet.)
TPorod - | 1
19 Feb 2013 #28
Hi. My great grandfather was Martin Garus. He came to the US in the 1800s. He came with his wife, (name unknown), daughter, Victoria and her husband John Fisher. They came through Pennsylvania, I believe. Are any of these names familiar? Thanks.

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