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Finding Sielce tobacco factory 1850s (Poland)

lightalma 7 | 13
19 May 2013 #1
I am trying to find someone that worked in a tobacco factory in the 1850s time frame. The family was in tobacco. He is connected as a father in law to someone that was also a tobacco manufacturer in Plock.

Does anyone know about Sielce as this was the place of the factory and I was hoping for some history or information about that place.

Thanks for any help.

Looker - | 1,134
23 Oct 2014 #2
Quote from a book: "Mokotów poprzez wieki" by Tadeusz Władysław Świątek -2006 (site 36):

Slightly shorter life had active in Sielce, in years 1839-1861 snuff factory, founded by financier and industrialist and shareholder of hiring tobacco monopoly - Leopold Kronenberg (1812-1878), who owned at that time manor and palace in Sielce. Emil Hignet (1817-1887), an official Censorship Committee, ran along with his brother Julian, the country's first Department of Silkworm Breeding and silk spinning factory - all placed on a lot separated from the manor, the center which occupied "Bogucin" villa. Existing nearby horticultural farm Bardet brothers (of French origin) supplied them with mulberry bushes.

Sielce Palace

Sielce Palace

I've found another source

Cigars from Sielce

As many as half thousand workers employed founded in the mid-nineteenth century Snuff Factory in Sielce. It was the first large industrial plant built on the Warsaw suburb. He was only a few dozen meters from the present headquarters of "Gazeta Wyborcza". He stood on the north (odd) side of the present-day Chelmska bearing then the name Książęca road - roughly where today's Lwicka street outlet is. The factory belonged to Leopold Kronenberg. Buildings went around a large, square courtyard, on which smaller buildings had place.

At the cigars curling mainly women and additionally young boys were hired. Working conditions were harsh. Factory premises were so tight that the workers were forced to sit for a few hours next to ladle of the toxic fumes. Women complained of persistent headaches, dizziness and nausea. In 1860 Kronenberg, who managed to get rid of quite cumbersome shareholders, moved the factory to a new, specially designed buildings at Marszałkowska street.

Looker - | 1,134
23 Oct 2014 #3
I dug deeper and found more detailed story. I won't quote here much more, the article is quite long.
Regarding the names of workers, here is one mentioned - Franke:

Among female workers eg Franke family has dozens of members. Ancestor of the family is still brisk old granny which while working in the factory from thirty-two years, as one can judge from her face, even will lead yet her great-grandchildren to the factory

The other two mentioned names: Kołodziejski and Filipowski - they didn't work in the same factory, but led a company of same name, a 12 years after the closure of native business.

And yet below the picture of the building.

  • Union Factory in Sielce, Warsaw
myleobaby - | 1
23 Feb 2019 #4
Hello there, if you are still active on this forum,
Can you believe after posting this message I never returned until my genealogy took me again to this factory. I felt so bad because you took such time to help me and the information was fabulous!! Thanks so so much. I now have it. I had back then, been posting and searching in so many places I forgot to check back here. Kind of late but know I am grateful. I just posted under a new name to information of that life there and any chance of finding a Antoni Onyszko that worked there 1855 upwards. Looking possible address in Sielce for that time period.

Again thanks so much. take care,

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