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Find my Polish roots (Poland-Belgium)

Orphan 1 | 6
15 Jul 2013 #1

I am a Polish girl living in Belgium. I just turned eighteen last friday. The only thing I wanted since I was sixteen years old is to discover more about my roots. You see, I was adopted. My biological mother came to Belgium to give birth to me and she gave me up for adoption. The only thing I got from her is her nationality and her last name. I never saw her because I've never met her. But my search isn't over. I'm actually not desperate to find her, it just would be very nice to meet her or some family one day because some days it's SO frustrating I don't know anyone. It feels VERY lonesome sometimes...

Meanwhile I would love to learn Polish. I'm always proud to say I'm a Pole but I'm also ashamed to admit I can't speak a word of Polish. Ofcourse I know a few words an expressions but that's just not enough for me. In august, I'll be making my first trip to Poland. It will be a mini-roadtrip and I'm already so excited. But yes, I want more. I would love to have some Polish friends who could help me with the language and discovering the culture. My dream is to have a little life in Poland. With that, I don't mean I want to move to Poland immediately but I would love to be in Poland from time to time to visit people I know there.

So if anyone is willing to help, I'm all ears and I'll try to be a great student!

Thanks for reading this message already!

OP Orphan 1 | 6
15 Jul 2013 #3
Oh god...
Do Polish people feel offended if I don't write the names of the cities right?
I guess I'll just write it the Polish way...

Warszawa, Kraków, Poznań and Gdańsk.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
15 Jul 2013 #4
Do Polish people feel offended if I don't write the names of the cities right?

Not really, unless you use German names ;)


Depending on when you're here, I'd be happy to introduce you to a few of my Polish friends :)

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