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Felix Rawisinski from Lodz, Poland

TomBella 2 | 4
27 Aug 2012 #1
We are trying to trace my husband's family. My husband's grandfather was called Felix Frederick Rawisinski and he came to the UK during World War II when he joined the Polish Free Air Force and flew both Spitfres and Lancaster Bombers. I believe he flew in the Battle of Britain. After the war he stayed in Leicester and married an english girl.

My father-in-law tells me that his father did try to trace his siblings but could find no living relatives. Any internet search of the name Rawisinski only brings up the the decendants of Felix that we know about here in the UK. I have found links on for Felix's marriage and death records but as yet have not gone into these in detail as these are british records.

Where could I start to look to find any further links to the family in Poland? Does anyone think that the spelling of the surname might have been changed?

Kind regards

Looker - | 1,092
2 Feb 2015 #2
Where could I start to look to find any further links to the family in Poland?

Try this Polish genealogy website - I have already included the search for Rawisinski surname:

The Rawisinski sounds Polish. Although it's rather very rare name now. The more "Polish" spelling would be Feliks Rawisiński. The feminine form of this name is Rawisińska.

Little more info about Rawisinski (probably himself) here:
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Feb 2015 #3
There are currently no Rawisińskis in Poland. Perhaps the name got misspelt.
There is a surname Rawiś, so Rawisiński (if it existed) could have meant the son of Rawiś.
Another is Rawiński - a toponymic tag for an inhabitant of the village of Rawa.
OP TomBella 2 | 4
12 May 2015 #4
Thank you for your responses. The Feliks Rawisinski on the listakrzystka is definitely my husband's grandfather. I will see if I can find out more from there. Thank you so much.
23 Jun 2015 #5
Rawisiński family apparently comes from Bolesławiec in £ódź District. They were my family also. TomBella, please contact me, I would try to link your relative to other Rawisińskis; the most important is Felix's father name. vrsovici (at) gmail
OP TomBella 2 | 4
3 Mar 2016 #6
I have just seen this message. I have sent you an email today. Thank you!

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