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Farther born in Poland and i.m looking for his birth place; Szczoczarz name information

goat8er 2 | 3
30 Aug 2012 #1
My late farther was born on Poland 05/06/1922 and i would like to find out which area he was born, can you point me in any direction? also any information about the Szczoczarz name ie, meaning, is it a common name etc.

infinity - | 3
29 Sep 2012 #2
Maybe that will be helpful for you:

Thanks that map you can see in which areas in Poland "Szczoczarz" are leaving.
strzyga 2 | 993
29 Sep 2012 #3

Did he change his name as soon as he settled down in another country? :)
OP goat8er 2 | 3
1 Oct 2012 #4

Thanks for your reply,
I Don't think that he changed his name when he came to the UK , it appears that he came from Rzeszow,is it possible to check birth records for this area on line? any leads would be gratefully appreciated.

regards Pieter.
Baqbaqiq 1 | 3
10 Nov 2012 #5

I am new in this forum and I don't live in UK, so I don't know if my tips will be of any help but here are the tips I can give you from a "local" point of view...

Here, where I live, you normally have the birth place of your parents mentioned in your own birth certificate: son/daughter of ... born on ... in...

If for any reason you are unable to find this kind of information, if you are lucky, you can go the town council (but I don't know if this applies to the UK as well) where some adminstrative documents are sometimes stored about immigrants (actually, the documents they had to fill-in when they arrived to register themselves). This has to be the town council of the first place where they settled down after they arrival...

This is how I personnaly found out the birth place of my own grand parents. It was written in an old document preserved in an old folder.

If he immigrated with some family members, maybe you can try to find their documents too (brothers or sisters for instance).

Good luck!
jeryst - | 1
11 Oct 2014 #6
Merged: Looking for Szczoczarz family information

I found out that my real sirname is Szczoczarz, and that my ancestors are from Tyzcyn Poland. I would like to correspond with possible relatives.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
11 Oct 2014 #7
SZCZOCZARZ: Probably evolved from szczotarz, an old name for a blue bottle (flower), now known as bławatek.

The Szczoczarz surname surely must have tied quite a few tongues in Angloland!?

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