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Looking for family in Poland: Włodarski.

Eduardo_MrB 1 | 4
21 Feb 2012 #1
Hi my name is Eduardo, I'm from Brazil and my grandma wants know what happened with the family of my great-grandfather. Here in Brazil have a few people with the same surname and these few people don't know/want know about her surname, so I ask you guys to help me find someone who lives in Poland or what could happened with her family. Here is the name of the brother and sister of my great-father, his name is (my great-grandfather) is Waclaw Wlodarski, Wiczek Wlodarski (hisbrother) and Irena Wlodarska( his sister), i think is Wlodarska because my grandma said the female in Poland has his surname different of the men of family, I don't know. My great-grandfather died 1998, born on 02/28/1916, my grandma doesnt remember where he born but she think is in Kraków(they had a farm) so I'm not . The name of his parents are Anne Wlodarski(mom of great-grandfather) and his dad is Joseph Wlodarski, we don't know certainly his full name.

My great-grandfather was a prisioner in the second world war and left Poland and went to Germany and married with a russian prisioner, thereafter he fled Germany(in 1949) with his family to Brazil. Those are all the information we have, I hope you help me here. I'm sorry my english.
Alligator - | 259
21 Feb 2012 #2
I don't know how to help you, but I am sure that you will find on this site somebody competent in ancestry/genealogy.
I can only help you with proper Polish writting of your family names.
Your great-grandfather name and surname requires Polish letter ł: Wacław Włodarski.
There is no such Polish name as Wiczek. I think that it is probably Witek, short form of Polish name Witold.
Your great-grandfather parents names were: Anna Włodarska and Józef Włodarski.

Polish names and surnames are declinated and have genders. Surnames ended with -ski means that it belong to male, and surname ended with -ska means it's female.

Włodarski (male)
Włodarska (female)

My great-grandfather was a prisioner in the second world war and left Poland and went to Germany and married with a russian prisioner, thereafter he fled Germany(in 1949) with his family to Brazil

I think that there should be some records about his imprisonment in Germany. You can look also there, especially if your grandfather stayed there for few years after war ended.

Maybe you could also find records from USA, France, Greate Britain (depends in which occupation zone he stayed after war). Definitely that wasn't Russian zone, because he wouldn't be able to get out of there to go to Brazil.
OP Eduardo_MrB 1 | 4
21 Feb 2012 #3
I hope someone can help me in this case. The name of the brother of my great-grandfather is Witek, I found his name in some old pictures here in the year 1942. He communicated with his brother when he was in Germany, in the letters we found have the city Skierniewice and the street Piotrkowska, number 6 this is the city and street where his brother sent the letters and pictures in 1942. We have the name of the son of his brother, his name is Tadsik, I'm not sure because the letter is in polish and is so old. Thank so much Alligator.
pip 10 | 1,659
21 Feb 2012 #4
I am sending you a private message- to check this it is up at the top next to the logo---mail
Alligator - | 259
21 Feb 2012 #5
Not Tadsik but Tadzik - diminutive form of Tadeusz.
I looked for Piotrkowska street in Skierniewice, but couldn't find anything. Maybe they changed the name of street.
Good luck with your search.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
21 Feb 2012 #6
but couldn't find anything.

same here.

but there are a few sites with (some old ) photos of the town.
gjene 14 | 204
21 Feb 2012 #7

Have you been able to find any reference to where he may have stayed in Germany after the war and emigrating to Brazil in 1949? If you can find that out, you may be able to request a copy of the inhabitants registry in regards to your great grandfather. That is what I did for my grandparents. But then I had a photo with their address and the town that they lived in and the year that they were there. If you can not read Polish, there may be someone here that may be able to translate for you.

Also, if he emigrated to Brazil, enquire through the Brazilian Immigration and Naturalization Bureau. You may be able to obtain a copy of his entry form when he entered and/or obtained Brazilian citizenship. But as far as the translation goes, you will have to see about getting whatever letters you have scanned or photographed in order to upload for the person doing the translation for you to see what is written in the letters.
OP Eduardo_MrB 1 | 4
21 Feb 2012 #8
Thank everybody, maybe I've found, but I'm no sure. Next month we'll see if we have the right to dual citizenship, but it is another story. Have people asking where he was a prisioner, we don't know but on his marriage certificate says he was married in Landstuhl. Thank you.

Yes I have pictures and behind have some names and cities, my grandma can understand but she don't speak/read polish a long time if someone want pictures/letters I send. About the Brazilian Immigration here in Brazil this can run many years for they found something.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
22 Feb 2012 #9
Iwona Dakiniewicz is a professional genealogist who specialises in tracking down long-lost relatives in Poland. Why not give her a go:

¡Buena suerte, Eduardo!
OP Eduardo_MrB 1 | 4
22 Feb 2012 #10
Thank you I'll try

Married certificate - Here is a part of his married certificate. If somebody need more information send me a mail, Thank you.

edit: help with location and names required.
Alligator - | 259
8 Mar 2012 #11
In certificate it's written that Wacław Włodarski is a son of Józef and Anna (her maiden surname Stefańska);
religion: roman catholic;
Wacław was born 28.02.1916 in Ugły (Polish name of this colony) or Uhły (Ukrainian name);
parish Ugły;
district (powiat) Kostopol
live in Poland in Skierniewice.
Ugły was a colony (something smaller than village) in Stepań (local administrative district), in Kostopol district, in Wołyń. Before World War II this territory belonged to Poland, but after war Stalin changed Polish borders; he seized east part of Poland and joined it to CCCR. Now Wołyń belongs to Ukraine.

During war the Ukrainian Insurgent Army commited ethnic cleansing of Polish population of Wołyń and East Galicja. There were many Polish casualties in Stepań district, so either your grandfather left Ugły before this or he was forced to do that. Anyway he coudn't go back there.

Here you have a map with Ugły colony.

Unfortunately most internet sites about Ugły or Stepań are about genocide.
Write if you need more help.
MarcinWlodarski - | 1
15 Oct 2014 #12
Dear Eduardo,

This is amazing, it seems we are cousins!!! My name is Marcin Włodarski, I am the son of Tadeusz (Tadzik) and my grandfather was Witek (Wincenty) Włodarski, born in 1913 in Kolonia Ugły from the parents Anna (maiden name - Stefańska) and Józef Włodarski. He used to have a brother Wacław (your great-grandfather), Władysław, Eugeniusz and two sisters - Irena and Jadwiga.

After the war, Witek settled down in Gdansk together with his sons - Tadeusz and Jerzy. Wife of Witek died in 1946. We are still living in Gdansk.

Please contact me ASAP at

Best regards,

Eduardo, I wanted to send you an email or a private message but due to the fact I have just registered here, I cannot do it.

This is completely amazing! I have just called my father (Tadeusz), whom you mention at one of your posts and got to know that whole family used to think that Wacek was killed in Germany as he had beaten the German farmer for whom he had been forced to work. In fact nobody has known that Wacek got married and left for Brazil.

Regarding my grandfather - Witek: my father Tadeusz was born in 1940 and his brother Jerzy in 1944. Their mother - Stanisława, died in 1946 at the age of 30 due to lungs' disease which happened as she had caught a strong cold at the train. After the war there was no access to antibiotics here.

The rest of the family is currently living in Lower Silesia (dolnośląskie) region. After the WWII they moved to Bukowice, near Wrocław. Irena and Jadwiga lived there until the end of their lives. They died between 2005 and 2010, need to check this in details. Władek used to live in Opole and as far as I remember he died close to 2000.

After the wife of Witek - Stanisława had died in 1946, he married another woman - Aleksandra, with whom he bred a daughter - Barbara. The auntie is living in Copenhagen since the end of the 70s.

Oureselves and uncle Jerzy, we are still living in Gdansk. Please visit my facebook profile

Looking forward to hearing from you!

OP Eduardo_MrB 1 | 4
18 Oct 2014 #13
I would like to thank everyone who helped, without you it would not be possible to find and reunite the family who was separated for more than 50 years because of World War II. Thank you so much, if it were not for this forum would not be possible. Best regards.

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