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Looking for anyone who is familiar with adoption in Poland

6 May 2006 #1
I was adopted in Poland and am now looking for my sister who also was adopted. I have information about her but am unable to get anywhere with it. I have called the dom dziecka but all I got was a run around. If anyone can help me I would greatly appriciate it.
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6 May 2006 #2
Sorry to say this but you might find that details have been altered on the birth certificates. The original one will be kept in a secure place. If you want to find out anything you will have to do it in person. It is possible that the other child is aware of the situation but you have a big job on your hands. [ This is how I understand the system ]
18 May 2007 #3
How do you feel about being adopted--are you an American now? I have a friend who is about to adopt a Polish girl and wants her to be proud of her heritage but also "fit" in with her new culture. Do you have any advice?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
18 May 2007 #4
This is all on another thread.

Admin, please show us where it is.

Adopting a child in Poland


You have to find the adoption centre which dealt with the childrens home.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,688
14 Jun 2008 #5
ok folks important question..... :)

can someone direct me to the nearest adoption agency in Poland near or in Lomza?

If I could find it in Polish I would, but I need to find it in english version :)

just for FYI

I was contacted by a possible cousin via my genealogy and of course I dont
have the info she needs about her parents ( she knows their names).

she is 23, so she can contact them now without worry of paperwork getting
in the way from her adoption right?



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amurphy 1 | 1
22 Jan 2010 #6
We adopted a 6 week old girl in Poland 23 years ago and we did not have much information about her parents.
She knew of her heritage at age 5 and as she grew asked for a photo or information about her birth parents.
We did not find out much but will travel to Poland this year to see the place where she was born and maybe find a photo of her birth family and /or meet a family member if all decide it is what they want.

The best advice I can give is to be honest and loving.
herby - | 1
30 Oct 2010 #7
we live in UK . my wife from Poland and i from Ivory coast. Married about 9 years now. we have adopted my niece who has her mother passed away some time ago, in ivory coast. we adopted her since childhood. paid for her education and welfare up to now. she is now 16. all the paperwork is complete in ivory coast. now my wife is going to Poland for some time with our 2 children and want to know if with the paper work that we have , she can bring the child there in Poland? or , is there any thing else she can do to facilitate, the child coming to Poland with her? please help. many thanks. email:
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
30 Oct 2010 #8
she is now 16. all the paperwork is complete in ivory coast.

is she now a british citizen ? in other words what type of passport does she have ?

it might make a difference... i don't know.

i'd phone the Polish Embassy, if i were u.

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