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Dziurdziński and Obiedzińska - Archives in Poland to find my origins or last name

Nyphri20 1 | 4
23 Dec 2009 #1
Hello, how do I go about finding my origins of my last name? I was born in Poland and I want to find where my last name originally originated from. Does Poland keep records where you can access family archives? Looking for surname; Dziurdziński and Obiedzińska...I can't seem to find anything
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
23 Dec 2009 #2
You can try contacting the following:

Central State Archives Authority
Provides addresses of regional archives across Poland. (located across from Old Documents Archives below)
Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych
ul. Długa 6, 00-950 Warsaw, Poland
phone: (48-22) 564-4655
(see: Old Documents Archives below)

Old Documents Archives
Genealogical research unit indicates whether information is available and estimates research cost:
Archiwum Akt Dawnych
ul. Długa 7, 00-950 Warsaw, Poland
phone: (48-22) 831-5491>93 wewnętrzny (ext.) 429
Shellie 1 | 11
5 Jan 2010 #3
Try asking Zenon at PolishOrigins. There is a section there for surname information. forum.polishorigins/viewforum.php?f=19

You can also add your surname to help locate others who are researching your family names.
nincompoop_not 2 | 192
5 Jan 2010 #4
try these:

some of them have English version - if not - go to 'kontakt' and im sure you get a reply

good luck
OP Nyphri20 1 | 4
12 Feb 2011 #5
Merged thread:
Searching for Adopted siblings ...Polish/ English Agencies in Poland help!!

Hello, I've posted this previous post in 2009 but would like to pursue my initial intent. I was adopted from Poland in 1993 at age 4. Along with my sister who is 14 months older than me. And now I’m trying to finish my investigation of finding all my siblings. There were total of 8 children, possibly 9. But as of right now it is quite difficult with the language barrier, as I do not speak polish.

As of my previous success I’ve luckily found 3 siblings ( that live in Poland and France) so that leaves me with 3 or 4 more.

I’m looking for any Polish/English Agencies in Poland that investigate into these matters. First and foremost, I’m trying to obtain birth certificates of my adopted siblings that were born in the early 1990's. (I have biological names of my parents and also the orphanage my siblings were in)

Is there any Agencies that can investigate and obtain documents? I’m willing to pay for any expenses regarding further investigation, etc. As the orphanages are not willing to hand over the names of the adoptees.( due to confidentiality, legal reasons, etc)

Any help will be greatly appreciated
25 Oct 2012 #6
Hello I was wondering if some one can help me with finding my son's grandparents or how to go about doing so, some 20 yrs ago I had a son to a polish man (Marchek Duetkivich), his first name is spelt correctly but I'm not sure about the surname, anyway this person has been deceased now for 20 odd yrs, his son who is now 24 yrs old would like to make contact with his grandparents (they reside in Poland). My son also apparently has a sister (Marchek's daughter) who lives in poland and an uncle who lives in the USA. I dont have much more info to go on other than a name, as stated above. The deceased person's parents are not aware of having a grandson and I do believe thay have a right to know. Thank you.
archiwum 13 | 125
2 Feb 2013 #7
Ive said this before, get the book: Polish Surnames&Meanings by Steven F. Hoffman, or H. Hoffman.

Sorry, I got the wrong name. The correct name is: William F. Hoffman.
gjene 14 | 203
7 Feb 2013 #8
As for the old documents archives, how do they organize the documents? Is it by family name and date of death and type of document (ie. will or death certificate) or based on location (, province), date, and familial name? I would like to obtain copies of wills from my ancestors. The problem is I am only aware of 4 dates of deaths for family members that are buried in the same town. I do not know when the others died so am unable to provide those dates.

Also, would these archives include accessibility to land registry records and census information from 1800-1900? The reason I am asking is that I want to be able to get copies of wills from deceased individuals of the family, but I would like to know how to provide the information in the right order and all the information, that I can, in order to facilitate the research. While I may no know the exact date of death for most family members, all I can do is provide a best guess if that is necessary. Thanks.

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