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Doubts about Birth certificate, Poland or Ukraine? - Malinski

Malinski 1 | -
10 May 2017 #1
My grandfather, Ryszard Malinski, supposedly was born in Skala-Podilska/Skala/Skala-Podolska, wich today is Ucranian territory. He's still alive, but I have no connection whatsoever or means to contact him. I don't know if I should request a birth certificate to Poland, Ukraine, or even Russia, due to the unstable borders at the time he was born (I estimate 1943), but I know he feels Polish and comes from a polish culture. I also know his father's name is a variation of Joseph, and his Mother's some form of Sophie. (I don't know the translations).

I really need some light about what country posseses his documents, and if the case is Poland, how to procceed.
Lucas Malinski
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
11 May 2017 #2
Sounds like a polish name id try Poland. The border situation around that time is rather murky. Lwow use to be a polish city and still has many pl citizens but is clearly Ukrainian territory now and has a Ukrainian majority.

If its a variation of Sophie its probably be zosia or less likely Sofia.

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