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DNA Testing in Poland. Is it popular?

pgtx 29 | 3,159
23 Nov 2010 #61
if any of you agrees to test my DNA, i'm willing to send you my extentions... ;)
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
23 Nov 2010 #62
An interesting documentary I saw at the beginning of this year was BBC's:

It's in 5 parts

Out of Africa




The Americas


POLENGGGs 2 | 150
26 Nov 2010 #63
Hah, Slavic DNA ?
Going by these tests, a Pole born and bred in Israel will be having Hebrew DNA ?

I really really do not understand how a ethno-linguistic group can be tested for something which is a physical matter.

As for finding your 'roots', I think best method is to try and visit all your grandparents and maybe even grand-grandparents (while you still can) - and their neighbors. They should clarify a lot of your questions.

On top of this, a person with a good eye and interest in anthropology can tell you what kind of 'white' you are - this can be done over the internet, as long as you provide good quality face & profile photos as well as your physical characteristics like body weight, height, age etc.
OP EsotericForest 3 | 44
27 Nov 2010 #64
Except a lot of us are so mixed it doesn't even matter. I look like my mom, which means I don't even look Polish. Chances are I look French.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,700
17 Aug 2012 #65
SO now I know why I get along with the british folks, cause I got some in me ha ha ha

ok lets back up, I am going to say to del.. you were correct, but it stops thousands of years ago, in recent years, apparently

the family migrated to poland.

BUT 12 percent of me is from British ISLES!! lol

i have 33% eastern european and I have finnish blood as suspected and scandinavian is 42%

so I am going to get my viking boat and come visit all of you. lol
jon357 63 | 14,254
17 Aug 2012 #66
BUT 12 percent of me is from British ISLES!! lol

But which 12 percent? ;-)
Ironside 48 | 9,887
17 Aug 2012 #67
i have 33% eastern european and I have finnish blood as suspected and scandinavian is 42%

how come? the problem with DNA is not properly understood.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,700
18 Aug 2012 #68
But which 12 percent? ;-)

lol my arm?

how come? the problem with DNA is not properly understood.

Well I think they understand something, it pin pointed one cousin who is actually my cousin on my mothers side, said
we were 4th cousin, ironically, my cousin did his tree and sent his dna without knowing anything about my sending,

my family name isnt up there that far on the tree. i only have my dads side up at this point.

so they are on to something.
McDouche 6 | 286
31 Jul 2013 #69
Merged: What is the best site for genealogical DNA testing?

As the thread title asks, what's the best site for genealogical DNA testing and why?
dany_moussalli 13 | 260
31 Jul 2013 #70
why don't you go to medical centers who do these kind of tests .

btw ,i'm also interested in doing a genealogical DNA testing in the near future
singingfalls 3 | 50
13 Feb 2016 #71
I am very interested in this subject so I am adding comments to it in order to subscribe to this thread.
Here are some personal factoids:
99+% Eastern European Ethnicity
Y Chromosome Haplogroup I2a with a terminal SNP of I-Y4882*
Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroup T1a1b
An up to date web page with the latest information related to genetic genealogy and my personal test can be found here:
Much to my surprise I have made contact with members of my ancestral family through this means. I have also found connections to Y DNA blood lines from Poland going back approx. 1500 years.

I have put together this web page to discuss my dna testing and its relationship to my Polish heritage.
singingfalls 3 | 50
6 Jan 2017 #73
Latest update. My cousins in Poland are now tested and we have interesting results. This journey into DNA testing is now making way for my wife of 41 years and I to come to Poland next spring. We are excited about this. I have put my DNA web page into the Polish language also now. Here is the URL:
Ewa K
8 Dec 2018 #74
I talked to some Poles last Summer in Poland and I must say that I could feel their discomfort. They are said they are " pure Polish" or they dont care or both - it was really obvious that they are just worried that after 1000 years of Jewish presence in Poland they are as from pure

It us not not cost of or 23& what keeps Europeans away from DNA testing. It is hard when you are antisemite to find out you are a Jew or Russian when you hate Russians or German get my point. They would love to know but they cant risk to know ­čśé

And a lot if us in Poland are paying a small fortune for recovery of Genealogy Tree by a specialist but the statistics say that a lot of children are not rised by their dads even though everybody thinks they are ..and the genealogy does not take these situations into account so me being pure aristocratic Pole might be b.s In this part of Europe a very few might prove to be "pure Polish"

Ps. I just bough my 23&me kit ! Cant wait it ia going many centuries back wow
mafketis 21 | 7,448
8 Dec 2018 #75
it was really obvious that they are just worried that after 1000 years of Jewish presence in Poland they are as from pure as.

Well in many ways Pole and Jew are not discrete categories (the way they are in Russia) but overlapping categories. Unlike some other European countries Poland does have the idea that language and culture are more important than accidents of genetics which is born out by people who self identify as Polish but have non-Polish names.

I'm not even sure what "pure" means in most of Europe, especially in places that have seen so many invasions and migrations...

Genetic testing is much more a US deal where people want to figure out how their ancestors arrived there, it just doesn't come up so much as a topic in Poland.
Lyzko 24 | 6,759
8 Dec 2018 #76
That's entirely true as well. During the days pre-Berlin Wall collapse, all Soviet citizens of Jewish origin typically had a large "Z" stamped on their passport, those born in the Soviet Union or not, so as to identify them in order that they might be recognized by the authorities. Poland, to her credit I must say, never instituted such vile practices, allowing Polish gentiles along with their Jewish neighbors to coexist, if not always peacefully, at least more or less "equally"!

Trust this is no longer in force in present-day Russia.
mafketis 21 | 7,448
8 Dec 2018 #77
all Soviet citizens of Jewish origin

"Jewish" was a "nationality" in the Soviet Union, recorded... everywhere.
Also, there was very little intermarriage, Soviet Jews married almost exclusively among themselves.
singingfalls 3 | 50
8 Dec 2018 #78
Further Update:
Well I inadvertently offended some Polish acquaintances by creating the attached art work. They took great offense at the Ukrainian trident in the image. I meant no harm even though I am fully aware of the history. Though my paternal lineage declared Polish ethnicity and my DNA tests proved an extreme level of Eastern European origin the actual records of the paternal grandfather's family are located in Zhytomyr Archives. All other relatives are from Southern Poland. I am please to say that my family connections were discovered on my trip to Poland in 2017. I found long lost relatives in the Lubielski region. I've also made connection with individuals in Poland going back 1500 years via my DNA testing results. Very exciting. Another matter of note: Keep in mind that your autosomal DNA gets pretty thinned out as far a genetics go after the great great great grandparents. You only share approximately 3% of their DNA. On the other hand the Y Chromosome is shared many generations all the way back. The mitochondrial DNA even more so. Thousands of years.
Family Tree
Sandyfeet 2 | 7
5 Mar 2019 #79
Nice thread-Lots of varying opinions.
I did the 23 and Me test just for some fun. What a rabbit hole i fell down. My Father always thought his father was Russian. Left Russia in 1911 and came to Australia. And that was that.

But our DNA testing showed us as being Baltic with zero Eastern European. With much research-Turns out two generations called Siberia home but that is because the previous generation was exiled due to the 1863 Polish insurrection where they had their land money confiscated (Just found the Military court records) and sent east, a long way east.

I know some people dont care about their past and i probably didn't as a young adult, but this has been a lot of fun anyway. The only problems i see are if your ancestors have not lead honest (with their partners) lives or had "little surprises" along the way. With DNA they will come back and bite you.
mafketis 21 | 7,448
6 Mar 2019 #80
I did the 23 and Me test just for some fun

And because you really want the government to have your dna on record...
delphiandomine 83 | 17,771
6 Mar 2019 #81
I did the 23 and Me test just for some fun.

What an obvious fake review.

The internet is full of these ridiculous companies at the minute, all offering wildly different results for the same thing.

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