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Poland's brewmasters around 1900?

28 Apr 2008 #1
How can I find breweries in Poland around 1900? I believe my biological great grandfather was a "prince" i.e. landowner, who was also a brew master. He had a son-my grandfather, out of wedlock, around 1902, with my great-grandmother a polish peasant/servant. He apparently paid off my great grandmother's family and she later immigrated to the States. After WWII, this man-brew master/landowner lost everything, taken over by Germany. My father told me he thinks, but is uncertain, this man was Jewish.
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6 Sep 2015 #2
How can I find breweries in Poland around 1900?

Multum Polish breweries at that time - bigger and smaller - a lot of todays beer brands in Poland are even older. I doubt that exist one collective list with all Polish beer producers.

Search for 'browary w Polsce' (Breweries in Poland)

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